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Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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My knitting and crocheting began 50 years ago. ...
Created By: Sharon Beauman

My knitting and crocheting began 50 years ago. The first product from my hands were argyle socks, the second, angora dice to hang in the rear view mirror of the cutest boy in my high school. The third was a mohair cable knit sweater for that same cute guy. I don't remember Lion brand being around at that time as being a teenager, brands weren't my priority.

Then, when my children were babies in the l960's and my husband was gone on business trips 90% of the time, I attended Sears Knitting School and learned how to chart patterns, make trims and picked up lots of valuable information. I picked up knitting once more and made sweaters for all my little neices and nephews. Time marched on and I soon had no time for the art of knitting as I was busy with children and work.

Then, in the fall of 2005, I began noticing that some of the ladies at my church were wearing beautiful hand knit scarves and that brought back a flood of memories of how much I enjoyed knitting. I dug out my old needles, most of which were too small for today's fashions, and drove to my local craft store to explore the possibility of knitting some scarves. I found Lion Brand Fun Fur, bought some larger needles and began my new adventure. I knit several scarves and then, one day, when I was in the craft store, the knitting instructor was there showing people how to make a beautiful shawl out of Lion Brand Trellis. I was hooked! I didn't know who would be receiving this shawl, but when I was working on it one day my daughter happened to see me knitting and and said she would love a shawl like that. I was absolutely delighted to be making this shawl for her.

In January, 2006, we received a telephone call that my father, then 92 years of age, had become very ill with pneumonia and that he might not live. We packed quickly and began a 700 mile journey to a remote area of Northern California, the town of Yreka, to be with him. Of course, the needles and the yarn went along with me. It soothed my anxiety about my father when I picked up those needles. I made great headway on my daughter's shawl as we drove 13 hours to reach the hospital where my father was being treated. When we arrived, we found my father much improved and ready to be released the next day. We loaded him and his oxygen into our van and began the 25 mile trip through a whiteout snow storm over a mountain pass to his home in Scott Valley, a beautiful cattle ranch valley with little towns nestled against the hillsides. My father seemed to improve a bit and my husband flew home to Southern California, as I would stay with Dad until he was able to care for himself. This was giving me a lot of bits of time to knit away to my heart's content and by now I was really enjoying the relaxing feeling it gave me when I picked up my needles and yarn, especially with so much going on with my father. I knew I would be there for several weeks more.

I managed to find yarn in Yreka, where the hospital is located. At the local Walmart I found Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair and fell in love with it. I picked up a blue color, thinking I would make a shawl for my very dear friend, Susan, after I was through knitting the Trellis shawl for my daughter. I also picked up some pink fun fur for another scarf, thinking of my dear cousin, Verdell, who lived in the same county as my father and who I would undoubtedly see during this time.

As I continued knitting my daughter's Trellis shawl, one of my Dad's best friends, Michelle, saw the shawl and said she wanted one. She said she would purchase the Trellis for me as I said I would be delighted to make a shawl for her because she had been so helpful to my father through the past several years. In fact, I owe her a lot more than a shawl. Michelle had to drive 70 miles to Medford to find Trellis. She brought home a beautiful blue color in Trellis for her shawl.

My father took a turn for the worse and it was back into the hospital for several weeks. It was touch and go with him as they discovered he had an AVM (Arterial Venus Malformation) and had to have part of his colon removed. This is no small feat for a 92 year old man, but it was surgery or bleed to death, not really a choice. There were a number of complications and several weeks turned into three months of staying in my Dad's home while he was in the hospital, skilled nursing home and then his recuperation when he returned home.

This gave me a lot of time alone. After driving a 50 mile round trip to the hospital daily and a 100 mile trip to the nursing home when he went there, I still had the evenings out in the country all by myself. Knitting, combined with prayer, gave me a calm, kept my fingers busy and produced lots of lovely gifts for friends and relatives.

Dad's friend, Michelle, loved her Trellis shawl, my cousin, Verdell, loved her fun fur scarf and the subsequent Lion Brand Homespun Poncho I made for her during this time. I sent my friend, Susan, her beautiful Moonlight Mohair Shawl, my daughter received her Trellis Shawl and here I was with nothing new to knit.

I picked up Lion Brand Homespun and Fun Fur and combined them to make winter scarves, which this last Christmas went to 2 grandaughters and their mother.

My father, now 93 years old, has recuperated beautifully. He actually shoveled snow and split wood a few weeks ago when the valley had a winter storm. He felt so good being able to do that and so did I, seeing that prayers have been answered.

I have since done lots of knitting and crocheting for holiday gifts for our family. Christmas had come and gone and I needed a new project. I found out about Prayer Shawls in one of the newsletters you emailed to me and I thought they were a wonderful idea. I knew exactly who to make them for. My mother-in-law was turning 95 on March 14 and she recently said she couldn't do much so she spends a lot of time during the day praying for members of her family. What better gift than a beautiful Prayer Shawl. My stepdaughter is expecting her ninth child and she also prays constantly for her family.

But, it was not to be. I would have to wait for a while. It was my turn to have surgery, on my shoulder, in January, 2007, and the therapists say no knitting or crocheting (repetitive motions) for a while.

I could do some searching, however. I managed to find the Prayer Shawl book at a craft store and began a search for the right colors of Homespun. I found them and they are waiting for me. I have missed my mother-in-law's birthday, but still intend to make her shawl as soon as I am able.

My son and his wife have third son on the way. That means a baby blanket. My mother crocheted my son a baby blanket when he was born and we took him home from the hospital in that blanket. He took his first son home in that same blanket, so the tradition was born. His second son had to have a crocheted blanket from his grandmother to come home in. Now the third son will have his own crocheted blanket to come home in and, hopefully, the tradition will continue through the next generation.

To sum up my knitting and crocheting:

Solution: Peace, calm and relaxation through knitting. Lots of lovely gifts for loved ones.

Benefits: Family and friends have benefitted. But mostly, I feel I have benefitted. It is such a joy to give something to others that you have spent time on and put your heart into.

Learning Experience: I feel that my love of knitting is born by my love of family and carried on by showing love to my family and friends through the joy of knitting. Certainly, the time provided to me by my father's illness gave me the opportunity to give more to my family and reawakened my love of knitting. The discovery of Prayer Shawls will now give me more opportunity to continue to give to others.

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