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Fettuccini is Back–Just in Time for Earth Month!

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Fettuccini is Back–Just in Time for Earth Month!

zpagettiOur hugely popular yarn, Fettuccini, is finally back in stock after blowing off the shelves and selling out several weeks ago. And just in time! Earth Day may have been yesterday, but all of April is Earth Month, and every day is a great opportunity to be eco-friendly. As many Fettuccini enthusiasts already know, this unique yarn is made with remnants of jersey fabric used to create garments. The remnants would otherwise be discarded, so we’re thrilled to breathe a little new life into this special fiber. In honor of its (re-)arrival, I’ve rounded up a handful of the great items you can knit, crochet or craft with this yarn. Click here to learn more about Fettuccini, browse colors and place your order today!

 Braided Oval Rug  Braided Strands Turban Large Crocheted Bowl
 Loom Woven Clutch Twisted Strands Necklace Knit Nimbus Clutch


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  • This would make nice bath mats too!

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  • hhmmm… yes it would make nice bath mat pieces. Very different, This is the first time I’ve seen this yarn, and I’ve been an avid crocheter for some odd 40 years now. Very nice. and different. Gets my creativity flowing, too.

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