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Your Questions Answered

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to finish the following sentence: “I wish Lion Brand would…” We received an amazing amount of feedback. While we cannot give everyone a free lifetime supply of yarn, we wanted to address some of your requests.

Q: Why can’t I find your yarn in my local store?
A: We would love it if your store carried all of our yarns! However, we currently carry over 800 yarn colors, which is too much for any one store. Each store or craft chain selects the Lion Brand yarns it wishes to carry. If you can’t find the yarn or color that you want, the best thing to do is contact the store or chain directly to request the yarn. You can talk to a manager, send the company an email, call the company, or post on the their Facebook page. When you tell the store what yarn you’d like to see, they’re more likely to stock it. Of course, if you still can’t find what you want, you can order all of our yarns at

Q: Why don’t you open a store in my town?
A: We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of requests for new stores. Since we opened in 1878, Lion Brand Yarn has been a part of New York City. That’s why we opened the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our retail store and education center, in our hometown. Right now we’re just focusing on making the Studio the best it can be, so we’re not looking to open new retail stores at this time. In the meantime, we hope you’re able to come visit us in New York.

Q: Why did you discontinue my favorite yarn? Do you have plans to bring it back?
A: We don’t take lightly the decision to discontinue a yarn, as we know that each and every yarn is special to people. However, we do have to discontinue some yarns and colors in order to offer new items. Based upon your feedback, we are now including the following note on yarns that are discontinued but still for sale: “Please note that out-of-stock colors of this yarn will not be replenished, as this line is being phased out and no longer in production.”

Q: Where do you ship internationally?
A: Click here to view a list of countries to which we ship.

Q: Why don’t you carry the LB Collection in stores?
A: The LB Collection is specially made in small batches, so it’s exclusively available through, our catalog, and the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. We invite you to experience the yarns by visiting our New York City store, stopping by our booths at trade shows, or ordering color cards here.

We hope that this answers some of your questions! Of course, we invite you to reach out to us with your questions. You can find out how to get help from Lion Brand by clicking here. Also, be sure to visit our FAQ here for answers to some of our most received questions.

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  • I find it hard to believe these were the top questions….

    • These were the most frequently asked questions. Of course, people were more specific in this questions; for example, they would ask why there isn’t a Lion Brand Yarn Studio in Tampa or why Landscapes was discontinued. We simply generalized the questions to provide answers to the most people possible.

    • Why would they lie?? LOL

    • Why would they lie?? LOL

  • I still wish you would offer giveaways of yarn, kits or tools! I love Lion Brand! 🙂

  • I still wish you would offer giveaways of yarn, kits or tools! I love Lion Brand! 🙂

  • Love your yarn, love your patterns, love what you do on Facebook. I’ve made so many beautiful projects using your yarn and patterns. Everyone in the company always seems so nice and delighted to help you. Keep up the good work!

  • Love your yarn, love your patterns, love what you do on Facebook. I’ve made so many beautiful projects using your yarn and patterns. Everyone in the company always seems so nice and delighted to help you. Keep up the good work!

  • I would like to see Lionbrand offer some yarns, like Homespun, at discounted prices for people on a fixed income. What I mean is a group of yarns that are maybe not up to standard. Also, mill ends and grab bag offers, a certain amount of balls/skeins in a bag for a discounted price, like Red Heart does.

    • Great suggestions, Terri. Although we don’t sell Homespun mill ends directly, you may be able to find some at great discounted prices in your local yarn or discount store.

    • If you have a discount store, like “Ollie’s Bargain Outlet” or “Big Lots,” in your area, you may want to check there. Whenever I want yarn, I check there first. Selection and colors are limited, because of the way these stores buy their stock, but I have found some really amazing yarns in amazing quantities. Moonlight Mohair, 15 skeins all in the same dye lot, for $1.99 a skein, in several colors… 12 skeins of (that other manufacturer)’s Lacette, all in the same dye lot, for $1 a skein… If you’re looking for something very specific, you may not find it, but you might be amazed at what you DO find! (I hope you don’t live in my area; there goes my secret!)

    • you can find discounted lion brand yarn on smiley’ types and colors are limited but you still can get them at a good price…you do need to buy at least $50 and there is a $12.95 shipping charge but then thats if you order $50 or $200 set shipping no matter how much you order…i get together with friends and order so its not so much smiley’s also carries other brands as well

    • you can find discounted lion brand yarn on smiley’ types and colors are limited but you still can get them at a good price…you do need to buy at least $50 and there is a $12.95 shipping charge but then thats if you order $50 or $200 set shipping no matter how much you order…i get together with friends and order so its not so much smiley’s also carries other brands as well

  • I would love to know why shipping to Canada is so ridiculously expensive. I am more than willing to order from the website but the shipping just makes it too expensive and doubles the price of yarn.

    For example I put through an order for 16 balls of Amazing. The shipping to Canada was $24.

    • Hi, Lisa. Our international shipping costs include both taxes and duties, which increases the cost.

  • I posted a couple times, and several people liked my post, regarding the ability to access my ‘favorited’ patterns in the iPod application whilst offline. As an iPod user, I don’t always have access to a wi-fi connection. Do you have plans to enhance the iPod/iPhone app to include this option or others? Thanks! Lisa J, Olney MD

    • Hi, Lisa. We do plan on including that functionality in a future upgrade. In the meantime, you can download our PDF patterns onto your iPod. You may need to download a PDF reader app, such as iPDF (free), in order to open the PDFs. I hope that helps!

  • I love using Lion Brand yarn, and have on many projects, but I have to agree with Terri. They can be far to expensive for someone, like myself, on a very limited budget. I have to wait for them to be on sale or clearance to be able to afford them. If Lion Brand could do some sort of promotional or discount offers I think more people would purchase them.

    • I think it is really important to remember that, like any company, Lion Brand offers its yarns at a price that reflects production costs and enough profit to make it worthwhile to produce the yarns and invest in other areas of the company.

      I think Lion Brand’s yarns are great quality for the price, and if they are unaffordable for your budget you have to opt for cheaper yarns. There is a reason I don’t walk around with Chanel bags…

      Companies put products on sale or do promotions because it is a win-win for the company and the customer, but there is no point in asking a company to produce a cheaper product or reduce their profit if there is no reason they can benefit from doing so.

    • Melanie, Google Lion Brand yarns, discounted. There are several on line stores that carry Lion Brand.

  • How about an Android App?

    • Hi, Christi. We don’t have plans for an Android app at this time, but you can visit our Android-optimized website at

  • I also agree about pricing, I dont have them shipped, but I DO go straight to the sales. I am right now (literally, out it down to type) using Wool-Ease. I got on clearance, I wouldn’t get it otherwise, Who can afford $6-8 per skein? I find myself stock piling when I see the low prices. An app for Android would be great – agreed. I want to clarify my initial post; all the questions picked were geared towards making more sales. Even though we are talking pricing, I would believe people want more access to the great patterns offered for free, or even questions about up coming selections, organic materials, local events, etc. That is why I find it hard to believe that people were asking about the collection yarns, stores and shipping – MORE SO – than other questions – especially in these techy days. Just my HO 🙂 Didn’t think they were lying, but c’mon, I worked in marketing and know it when I see it 🙂 Nothing wrong with it either..just sayin’. Again, just my H.O. Another note, love the FB page~!

    • Where are you buying Wool-Ease for $6-$8? I’ve never seen it that high. I think Lion Brand has some of the best prices out there-especially since the big stores have always got something on sale.

      • Any store I go in. Micheals, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann, etc…may depend on where you live too. I am not in the sticks.

        • I guess you can say I do live in “the sticks”, I’m from a smaller town in the south and the prices are still too high. I don’t think it makes that much of a difference where you are, they can still be too high for everyone to afford.

      • I believe Giabottini was referring to Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which we sell for $7.69. Wool-Ease (worsted weight) is $3.99, and Wool-Ease Chunky is $6.99.

  • Why don’t you have your double pointed needles in stores? I would love to see your longer DPN’s in the stores to buy. I have recently discovered using them and they are so much easier to use, at least i find it easier.. But I can only find the 7 in DPN’s in stores and they aren’t long enough to hold a bigger projects caston. And I won’t order online because I don’t like or have credit cards to use . Plus NY in area’s charge another tax if you order on line. And our tax on things is high enough.

    • Like the yarn I mentioned above, each store chooses which tools and accessories they want to stock. Try asking your local store if they could stock our DPNs or do a special order for you.

      • I have but they want to charge me a special orders fee to order them.. on top of the price they cost.

        • I’ve bought most of my DP needles through Not LB, but good prices and reasonable shipping. My local stores don’t have a good selection either.

  • I can’t believe that all the comments you received can be addressed in 5 answers. I realize that you had to generalize the questions but only 5.

    • Hi, Nancy. We received over 1,500 comments, many of which were incredibly specific. We tried to answer as many as possible individually, but we decided to highlight these 5 questions because they were asked so frequently.

      • I understand that these were the most frequently asked questions. I still would like to know, however, if LB plans to make larger skeins (2 or 5 Pound, perhaps?) available in the near future.

  • Awesome!!! that still didn’t answer my question of expanding the LB collection to include the uber luxurious camel hair yarn?

    • Hi, Mary. We don’t have any plans for camel yarn at the moment, but you never know what the future may hold!

      • Thanks! You know, just as you say people who want their local stores to care a particular yarn should, I figure if want lion brand to make camel hair yarn we should. Who knows if enough people ask your “no current plans” might change to “in production!” a girl can dream! 😉

        • We totally agree! How can we know if our customers really want camel hair yarn if you don’t ask for it? 🙂

          • I too would love camel hair yarn! I love the alpaca yarn, and knitting with camel would be awesome!

  • I’m asking again. Why can’t Vanna’s Choice yarn and all skeins of yarn have the ends pull out from the end and center of the skein like “I Love This Yarn” does. It is so much easier to work with when it is made this way.

    • Hi, Donna.Thanks for asking. Vanna’s Choice is a center pull yarn, but sometimes a bit of extra yarn may come out. We do know about the issue, and we are working to improve it.

    • I agree!! I have to pull out a chunk to get the end. What happened to the day when the end was poking out?

  • I’d like to see Lion yarn offer a discount if you’re buying yarn to make and donate blankets to a service organization that is an all volunteer group and we have to pay for our own supplies to make the blankets for Project Linus, which is a great organization, that supplies blankets for seriously ill children.

    • Hi, Patty. We think that’s a great suggestion.

  • I love your yarn, Homespun especially…I’m really only posting just to say that I think it’s great that someone from Lion Brand is reading and commenting on the comments. It really shows that you care about your customers! Thanks for being awesome.

    • Thanks, Cassandra!

  • I love Lion Brand Yarn! And your website has been the most helpful tool I’ve found in terms of help and tips as well as patterns. I’ve found myself wishing, though, that I could search the patterns by needle/hook size…

    • Thanks, Charlotte. We don’t sort patterns by needle/hook size because personal gauges may vary. You can, however, search for patterns by yarn weight. That will help you narrow down patterns in a similar manner.

  • I’d like to see the website offer the “Special Discount” for buying all the YARN for a project. As a true knitting enthusiast, I have multiples of every size knitting needles, knit markers, etc. so I can’t take advantage of the discount without buying supplies that I already own. This makes me much less likely to buy the yarn from the website.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Heather. I’ll definitely pass it along.

  • I have loved your yarn from the first time. I touched some ?-years ago. Your yarn and Vanna’s can be pulled from the center. Put your index finger off both hands through each end. Carefully wiggle towards the center until figertips meet. Catch a strand and pull from either end. The center will come out, sometimes with a little more encouragement than others. You may also get a big lump that needs untangling, but who hasn’t had fun doing that? Basically the effort far out weigh agony.

  • I wish you had yarn sample cards of all your yarns. Since stores in my area have so little inventory, I can’t judge colors, feel and thickness by just looking at them on my computer screen or your catalogue.
    I have the Vanna’s Choice color card, and it has been very valuable to me.
    I don’t mind paying for them since it would save me from making costly mistakes.
    I also agree you should have discounts for volume buying and charity projects.

    • Great suggestion, Iris. We are working on creating up to date color cards for our yarns.

  • I am doing the Jo-Ann pattern for the Flutter baby top. On the edging section of the project, does Round One go completely around the top and sides of the piece or just the front and collar area (as a lapel and collar)? Thanks – I’ll hold off on my crocheting until I get your response.

  • I have the strangest question. I just found out that I have ringworm on my left hand. I had no idea it was ringworm. I just started my first piece, a scarf, and have about a fourth of it done. Is there any way I can decontaminate this piece and go on working???? I am using dusty blue Lion’s yarn (4), and I am using a double stitch. I am afraid of ruining the color.

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