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You Won't Believe It! This Elegant Vegan Fur Poncho is Just One Rectangle!

Gorgeous garments don't have to be complicated! The Design department at Lion Brand has created a number of stunning new patterns based on simple rectangles, and let us be the first to show you that these projects are easy for any beginner to make, plus they're super-stylish and fun to wear.

One of these garments is the Vegan Fur Poncho made from our newest faux-fur, Pelt. We love it because it's so elegant -- it's the perfect accessory for any winter outfit. And, since it's made from one rectangle, this poncho is a great project for knitters of all skill levels.


Susan from our design team shows off a 360° view of this beautiful accessory! Take a look!

::Trouble viewing this video? Click here: http://youtu.be/8FsDGuch5To::

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