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You Still Have Time to Knit a Quick & Easy Candy Cane Ornament!


The holidays are here and I just managed to put up my tiny Christmas tree. Much to my dismay, I somehow lost all of my candy cane ornaments! With some quick, last-minute thinking, I came up with the idea to make these cute knit candy canes using a package of Bonbons.

Check out my tutorial below to make your own.

P.S. Since I have a small Christmas tree, it only took two episodes of Downton Abbey to make about six candy canes! Which means an entire package could make at least two dozen!



  • Bonbons in Jingle Bells - You will need only 2 "balls" of yarn from the package for this project.
  • Size 4 Double Pointed Needles - You're only going to use 2.
  • Pipecleaners - One makes about 3 candy canes.

Step One


Cast on 7 with white. (Note: I used a long-tail cast on)

Step Two

Take the left needle and start knitting 3 stitches with the red color and then take the white again knit until the end. To create the striped pattern you are going to be moving the red stitches one stitch over each row, carrying the yarn when a color is not in use.

The pattern will look like the following:

Row 1: k3 red, k4 white
Row 2: k1 white, k3 red, k3 white
Row 3: k2 white, k3 red, k2 white
Row 4: k3 white, k3 red, k1 white
Row 5: k4 white, k3 red
Row 5: k1 red, k4 white, k2 red
Row 6: k2 red, k4 white, k1 red

Repeat this sequence until you have a strip about 4 inches. Bind off with white.

Step 3

Take your pipecleaner and cut a 4 inch piece. Place in the back of the strip. Sew up using the loose end threads.

Step 4


Now you can pose it anyway you like: as a peppermint stick, a candy cane or a peppermint candy. Have fun!

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