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You Can Do It! Wait. . . Can I Do It?!

It's official: I'm making my first sweater.

I've worked at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City for two years and now that I am the Brand Ambassador for the company I thought I would take on a knitting fear: making my own sweater.  I've been a knitter for a good portion of my life and I have yet to conquer knitting a sweater.  How is it that I have knitted plenty of socks and not a sweater? This makes no sense to me, so I am going to rectify the situation.  l40025a

Every Wednesday night, from February 11th - March 18th, I'm taking part in a Knit-Along at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City.  In an ideal situation, I'd finish my sweater by the 18th of March, but this is my first sweater so give I'll give myself a little slack.  The pattern I'm following is  The Essential Fall Pullover made with Heartland®.  I decided to get a little creative and instead of doing the three colors that the pattern calls for, I will be doing two. I'll be using Black Canyon for the front and back, and for the side panels and sleeves I'm going to be using Biscayne.  I chose Black Canyon as the main color for the sweater because, like many people who live in NYC, black is a prominent color in my wardrobe.  On the other hand, I'm also trying to get a little more colorful, so I decided to incorporate Biscayne for the sleeves and side panels.  It will give it a nice "pop" and allow me to dress it down and up!

Since I worked in the studio for two years, I had the chance to really get to know my co-workers, and I got to see how talented and creative they truly are.  Ann, who is the instructor for the KAL, is a machine knitter and teaches machine knitting at the studio, but she also is so creative when it comes to knitting garments.  When I found out that Ann would be the instructor for the KAL, I was sold,  it would guarantee that for at least once a week for the next month, I would get to see her.  Her creativity is infectious and it inspired me to take this sweater making to another level.

For the first meeting she showed up with sketches (that she had made) of what her sweater would look like with the colors she chose.  She also suggested going to Pinterest for color inspiration. I thought that was a really clever idea and plan on using that for other projects as well!

As you can see I started the ribbing for the back of my sweater. But the main reason for writing this is because I need your support in completing this project. There have been so many times that I have wanted to make a sweater and I've second guessed myself even though I know I have the skills.

So, I Need You - You Wise Knitters And Crocheters - Give Me Your Best Sweater Advice And Support!

Before I really get into the nitty-gritty of the back portion of the sweater - do you have any good tips for me as I embark on this journey? What did your first sweater look like?  Is there something you are too nervous to make because it’s just overwhelming?

Please use the comments below.  You can keep track of my sweater making exploits here on the blog and by following me on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Andrea in TN

    The best advice I could give you is choose something besides black. A sweater is hard enough to stay interested in and now you will be doubling down with black? Be kind to yourself and pick something easier to work with and more fun too!!!

  • Linda

    Nothing beats a "failure" but a "try." Give it all you got. You can do it.

  • knittingnana

    I made my first sweater in Home Economics in grade 8 (50 years ago). My father taught me to knit when I was about four years old and I had been making clothes for my dolls. When I told my mother I needed to make the requisite square to show I had learned to knit, her answer was "oh no, you're not. You're going to make a sweater." It was a pale green cardigan with buttons and pockets and I loved it.

  • Nancy Corey Bauer

    I always keep a crochet hook near v by in case I drop a stitch and don't notice it for a few rows. When this happens I take the crochet and quickly knit the rows misdeed from the dropped stitch. I am currently knitting a cardigan for myself in a sport weight yarn. I haven't knitted a cardigan for 20 years, but I swear it's all muscle memory. It's all coming back and I haven't had to frog it yet...Cheers.

  • Judy Carpenter Rank

    You go girl....you can do this!

  • terryanne in nj

    my best advice is what my aunt gave me when I did my first sweater - when you get to the sleeves, work them both at the same time. either use extra long needles or circular needls, & 2 balls of yarn (1 for each sleeve). it may seem a little more complicated at first, but it guarantees they are both the same size & shape. any adjusting u do on 1, you will immediately do on the other, & not have to try to remember days later "what did I do??". I always do this.