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You Are Not Alone!

Laura is a pattern support specialist here at Lion Brand. This is her first blog post.

I am fortunate to live in an area that has a very welcoming group of knitters and crocheters. Every Wednesday night, we get together for a few hours, just to hang out and chat while we work on our various projects. Every week at least one interesting dilemma comes up for the group to solve – everything from choosing yarn for a new project to deciding whether to rip a WIP — predicaments that are not unique to my circle of friends. I’m going to be sharing the problems and, more importantly, the solutions from my group here every week.

This week, our newest knitter mentioned that she had missed the last couple of get-togethers, and because of that, hadn’t worked on her project at all. She said every time she picked it up and worked on it at home, she was afraid she was making mistakes because there was no one there to reassure her.

I know it’s scary when you’re first starting out, especially when you’re working on your very first project and are unsure about the skills you’re learning. It’s important to remember, though, that you’re not alone out there! If you’re in New York, stop by the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (check the website for free groups, as well as the knitting & crochet doctors, who offer free help each week). Not in NYC? You can use our website to find a local group of your own — just mouse over the Community tab at the top, then select “Knit & Crochet Clubs” from the dropdown and search for a club in your area.

Even if you don’t have a group to meet up with in person (or if you just don’t feel like going out), there are lots of way you can get guidance and reassurance from a more experienced crafter. Lion Brand’s pattern support line is open Monday-Friday from 9-5 ET if you want to speak with a real live person. Call us at 800-705-8636 or e-mail us at We also have videos of many basic -– and not so basic — techniques available on the Lion Brand YouTube Channel if you want to check visually to see if what you’re doing is correct.

Finally, don’t forget about using this blog as a resource –- you can even search (using the search box in the top left corner, or using the “Categories”) to see if we’ve already blogged about the issue you need help with!

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  • Another resource is…it’s like a 24/7 yarn circle

  • thanks 4 the inspiration and information. been thinking about starting a crochet and knit group at church. not sure about structure and name. any ideas?

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