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Yarncrafting Costumes: Designing a Lollipop Headpiece

With her latest yarncrafting adventure, Gali Beeri designs a super sweet headpiece!

My costuming adventures continue! For the costume party theme of Candyland Fantasy, I chose the character Princess Lolly as my inspiration.

I toyed with different ideas for a lollipop crown. In the end I decided to knit a giant spiral lollipop – candy even bigger than my head!

To make the headpiece, first I knitted two lengths of I-cord using Landscapes® in Boardwalk and Vanna’s Choice® in White. Holding the white and rainbow I-cords together, I coiled them around each other and stitched the cords together to create a spiral from the center out. I spent a lovely afternoon at the Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room in Brooklyn stitching the lollipop during our Costume Craft Clinic with other fellow costume crafters.

After the body of the lollipop was complete, I inserted several lengths of floral wire through the back to help the piece stay flat and upright.

I attached the piece to a lace-look headband, and voila! A lollipop headpiece was all set to sweeten the deal at the next costume party!


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