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  • Wings on the Skyline

    Wings on the Skyline was Lion Brand's latest collaboration with London Kaye which happened on August 4th, at The William Vale.  London created two sets of magnificent butterfly wings that overlooked the Hudson River.

    Guests were encouraged to express themselves and take pictures against the wings.  It was encouraged that guests upload their pictures on Instagram with the #myyarnwings for a chance to win a beautiful hand-made butterfly bag by London Kaye.

    A huge thank you to London for making such incredible art work, The William Vale for hosting this, and most importantly to all of the guests for making The Wings of the Skyline such a great event.


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  • Sewrella's Back To School Series!

    back to school series

    Earlier this summer, Sewrella graced us with a kitchen-themed series with six of the most simultaneously useful and beautiful crocheted pieces you could ever want to have in your kitchen. (Stay tuned next week for a kit where you can buy that whole series!)

    Now, the one and only Sewrella is back with a series of must-make Back to School accessories made entirely with 24/7 Cotton. Sure, the season is almost here, but that's no reason not to get in on the fun! Your kids are going to love this. We've gone ahead and made a kit where you can get everything you need to make this perfect set of supplies for a student dear to you!

    Or hey... make it for yourself. We're all students of life right? Enough philosophy, let's take a look at these seven outrageously awesome pieces! 

    1. Finger Tassel Monogram Bookmark

    tassel 17

    Does your precious student have "little hands that often lose their belongings?" Well Sewrella thought about that and has just the thing for you. Plus, monograms are trending, and this crocheted book mark is just incredibly awesome. (Editor's Note: I also have little hands that often lose their belongings)

    2. Notebook Paper Textbook Cover

    pencil case 6

    I was a weird kid, and I particularly *loved* lined notebook paper, especially for drawing on. So when Sewrella unveiled the notebook paper textbook cover, I immediately fell for it!

    Take Sewrella's advice and start the pattern with the actual textbook handy - if her pattern looks to be the same size as your textbook, you're in luck! Go for it, and the cover should stretch around your book perfectly. However, if you've got a book of a wildly different size, don't fret! The pattern is easily modified to fit a book of any size.

    3. Meet Happle, the Amigurumi Apple !

    apple 2

    I mean, what is there to say about this? You guys know how much I squeeeeee for adorable amigurumi!! So, yes, I am totally smitten with this happy apple, who I have named Happle.

    If your student gives this to their teacher and it doesn't melt their teacher's heart immediately, you will know right then and there that their teacher is a stone hearted monster, and one to keep your eye on! But don't worry that won't happen because this little apple could melt the tin man's heart and he doesn't even have one!

    4. Pencil-Shaped Pencil Case

    pencil case 7

    Psssssst.... it also holds crochet hooks.

    5. The Little Kid Backpack

    little kid backpack 6

    Make this Little Kid (toddler-6 or 7 years old) sized backpack for the little guy or gal learner in your life! Sewrella made this for her nephew Grayson!

    A simple, versatile, and stunning design, this Little Kid backpack can be made more girly by changing the colors. Sewrella suggests that it would be "super cute if you added appliques - add to it and make each backpack super unique!"

    We have a feeling just these backpacks alone are going to be worth the price of admission!

    6. The BIG KID Backpack

    big kid backpack 3

    Sewrella guarantees that this bag "will work as hard as your big kid!" Can I just tell you, *I* want that bag. This is a real winner here. We've included both the Big Kid and Little Kid pattern and materials in the kit.

    Sewrella says this bag is inspired by her "spunky niece who is always full of excitement and energy," which just goes to show, these are great accessories to make for your extended family, nieces and nephews, or even your old college roommate's kids!

    7. The Cutest Lil' Lunch Bag on the Planet

    lunch bag 9

    According to Sewrella, "this little lunch bag is the perfect size for a sandwich, an apple, and a couple of cookies - yum! The size would also work perfectly for a snack bag to take to soccer practice or ballet lessons!"

    Sewrella recommends "hand washing and laying flat to dry just to preserve vivid color and shape, but in a pinch you can toss this lunch bag in the machine!"


    Remember, you can get everything you need to make all of these amazing pieces right here.

    As a last note, I want to give Sewrella an especial thanks for just making 24/7 Cotton sing the way she does. I have begun calling her "The Queen of 24/7 Cotton" in my cheeky eMails to her - but really, this yarn is very special and Sewrella (and many of the other bloggers we admire) are proving that its got the most vivid, eye-catching colors and alluring stitch definition of any cotton yarn out there. This is a yarn that inspires you to break the mold and reach for new ideas, and I greatly appreciate Sewrella getting so ambitious with these series! Stay tuned for more kits from Sewrella appearing soon at lionbrand.com!

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  • It's Always a Picnic at Lion Brand!


    In New York City, August has inexplicably brought slightly cooler weather to our fair metropolis! Thank you, August, for breaking the unbelievable hot streak that made July a truly stifling month over here. Going outside was more of a chore than a respite from the daily grind.

    Now that the weather has cooled down just a scootch, it's the perfect time for a picnic! And just in time for picnic season, our dear friend and unbelievably talented crochet artist Sharon Silverman (who will be visiting the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on September 18th) is here with the cutest, most perfect four-piece picnic set... for four!!!

    Picnic set, slightly closer

    The four-piece table setting for four... Picnic Perfection.

    First Up... The Place-mats! 

    Picnic Basket Placemat, stitch detail

    When Sharon first started working on this project, we had envisioned a wicker basket and four red-and-white-checkered place-mats. But "the wand chooses the wizard," Sharon reminded us. "The same is true in crocheting: the yarn chooses the project." - We'll find out just how true that is in a second. The yarn that raised its hand to be turned into place-mats was the yarn we had intended for the basket - 5 balls of luscious Vanna’s Style in Taupe.

    Next - Get Your Lid On!

    Flower Lidded Container, lid off, other view

    How adorably cute is this little container? Perfect for sweets, like salted caramel or cherries (around the office, we call them "mini-plums"), this glorious flower-crowned basket is the next essential piece of the puzzle. Now I have a little confession to make... the yarn that Sharon used for the red-and-white components of this beautiful piece is LB Crepe Twist, but we don't have enough inventory of the colors to recommend using this yarn (cue the madhouse rush on Crepe Twist!)

    Isn't it good for you that the yarn that we DO recommend, 24/7 Cotton, is on sale this month? Looks like the yarn chose the project again, Harrys and Hermoines.

    We Believe In Keeping Our Napkins Cozy

    Flower Napkin Ring quartet

    How great are these napkin rings?? Continuing the theme of the container itself, these adorable little guys are adorned in pretty petals. Just imagine how delighted your guests will be when they see these!

    Cover Up Your Beverage!!!

    Red and White Wine Bottle Cover

    The inverted red-and-white-checker theme continues with this absolutely fantastic, and super useful, beverage cozy. It's perfect for keeping your sparkling cider, or beverage of your choice, cool and comfortable to grab without getting gross condensation all over your hands.


    You can get the whole kit, with everything you need to make this incredibly perfect picnic set, only at LionBrand.com - It's the perfect time of the year for a picnic, and this is the perfect kit to celebrate the season with.

    And don't forget, Sharon Silverman is coming to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on September 18th. While you stop by to meet her, drop us a line; it's always a picnic at Lion Brand, and we can bring our perfect picnic kits to Union Square!

    Picnic set with all four napkin rings

    One last look at sweet, picnic perfection. Thank you, Sharon!

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