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Yarn to Keep Your Ears Busy

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Yarn to Keep Your Ears Busy

The listeners of YarnCraft are some great people, and Liz and I just wanted to share a couple of the kind and amazing things they have been saying on the YarnCraft blog and in the Ravelry fan group. We want to thank our listeners for their kind words and for stopping by and tuning in twice a month!

I’m a weekend home remodeler. So while I’m painting, sawing, sanding and scraping I listen to your cast. This inspires me so when I’m too tired to paint and scrape, I pull out the needles and start knitting. […] Keep up the great work – who would have thought a yarn craft show would work audio only? Not me, but you keep me coming back twice a month. – Ellen

Hi Liz and Zontee…I have been listening to your podcast since the very first episode and love it. I have gotten so many ideas from you. Looking forward to another podcast. After listening to your last podcast I may try my hand at Entrelac, you have given me the courage to try something new. By the way my name is Joan and I live in NJ.

Hi Liz and Zontee,

Thanks so much for your terrific podcast, I enjoy every episode and eagerly look forward to the next one. My name is Lorraine, and I have been knitting steadily for a little over a year, mostly making socks and scarves […] Audiobooks and podcasts help make the commute back and forth to Staten Island each day bearable, so thanks for that.

This is Linda from Stoughton Massachusetts (a suburb of the great city of Boston Massachusetts). I live in the burbs but commute to the city (yarn crafting on the subway and the commuter rail every week day).

I want to start out by saying that I love your podcast and get lots of inspiration from just listening. In addition, I’m learning tons. Thanks for a great show to look forward to each week.

If you haven’t already discovered YarnCraft (our radio-style online show for knitters and crocheters), I hope you will take 30 minutes while you’re knitting, crocheting, commuting, or even walking the dog to check it out…and of course, feel free to leave comments on the YarnCraft blog. Click here for more on how to subscribe to the show.

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  • Yarncraft is a wonderful podcast to listen to! I can’t wait for each new episode to come out. I’m still a beginner knitter and I feel so inspired and motivated when I listen to it! I also feel like I learn so much from this and that I could ask questions if I ever needed help! Thanks so much for taking the time to do these podcasts.

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