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Yarn Takes the Design World By Storm

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Yarn Takes the Design World By Storm

Here at Lion Brand, it’s a well known fact that I read many newspapers and magazines, from business to knitting and crochet to fashion. I like to tear out articles, ads, and photos that inspire me or catch my eye, so I can share them with our associates.

Recently, I was flipping through the Wall Street Journal Magazine, when I came across an article entitled “A Gripping Yarn.” It was accompanied by a photo collage of all kinds of knitting, crochet, and yarn-inspired pieces seen at the Milan Furniture Fair, a major trade show in the interior design industry. The article described how yarn and crafting are coming into their own in the design community:

Following a resurgence among fashion designers and artists, homespun, cozy techniques such as crochet, macramé and knitting have found favor with international furnishing designers from Rotterdam to London to Toronto. “Craft is the word of the decade,” says Murray Moss, founder of the design gallery Moss in New York. “It went from having the most pejorative meaning to being embraced.”

Having grown up surrounded by yarn–our family business–and having seen the world of hand-knitting and crochet evolve over the last several decades, it is especially gratifying to me to see that designers everywhere–and even the Wall Street Journal–are taking notice of the wonderful world yarncrafts.

I hope you’ll click here to read the full article and check out the photographs of just some of the items–from chairs to lamps–inspired by yarn.


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  • I also love this quote: ‘Knitting also evokes pure, honest work, says Susie Brandt, chairwoman of the fiber department at the Maryland Institute College of Art. “People are embracing the idea of manual labor. It’s tangible. You can see the beginning through to the end.” ‘

    Also, the mention of knitting machines to create some fo the furnishings is a great inspiration for those crafters who have their own knitting machine or knitting loom.

  • Please, do more projects with peg, knit, looms. I have all different sizes. I can do one stitch with them. Is this all that is available? I like to do more advanced projects. I am a great grandma. I have crocheted and knitted since I was 12. Some of my early projects are antiques, Ha! ArtistLMc

  • […] Yarn Takes the Design World By Storm […]

  • […] Yarn Takes the Design World by Storm […]

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