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Yarn Overcomers Help Unemployed Deal with Stress

Here's a story about a group called Yarn Overcomers that teaches unemployed people to reduce stress.

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  • http://www.bountifulbusiness.blogspot.com Harriett

    I so love this new method of teaching people to knit and/or crochet to help relieve stress. It is very beneficial to our mental health and our social life. We get to meet new people and be inspired by their creativity and support. I hope to start a crochet class (I'm a crocheter) to help people destress from things they have to deal with in life. I think taking up a hobby such as knitting and crocheting helps people to take things slow and help them find or think through solutions to better and resolve the problems they have to deal with in life. Thanks for this post.

  • Michelle

    Loved the article. I find that crocheting makes me a lot more calmer and relaxed. I am also unemployed.

  • Connie

    I have been crocheting since age of 17, now I'm fast approaching 60. I find it relaxes me and I get such a beautiful outcome. I too, am unemployed since January.