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Yarn on the Covers of Magazines & Catalogs

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Yarn on the Covers of Magazines & Catalogs

Recently, I received a Garnet Hill catalog in the mail and was really excited to see yarn on the cover. Being in the yarn industry, I like to collect various memorabilia that relates to knitting, crocheting, and yarn. Over the years I have collected magazine and catalog covers that feature yarn; it’s always great to see yarn on these covers because it means that people feel that knitting and crocheting are a part of their daily lives.

Below, I have provided pictures of some of my favorite covers. Enjoy!

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Where have you seen yarn in popular culture that made you happy? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

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  • Huh. I’m looking at the post on the blog website and can’t make the pictures come up. I can see the titles on the strip but no pictures. ;((


    Zontee says: Hi Judith, we’ve been having a little bit of trouble with our web servers this morning. If you’re having trouble seeing the pictures, please try again later, as it may just be some latent slowness in the site.

  • I remember watching an episode of Criminal Minds. The character of Penelope Garcia was knitting while also doing computer work. She became my favourite character on the drama because she brought a “softness” to such a gritty show.

  • Well, I didn’t actually see yarn, but the lead character made a comment on the July 25 episode of In Plain Sight, that on Thanksgiving he and his father would discuss his mother’s latest yarn project…

  • I think the world needs some calming down – this is what knitting does for me. I am very glad to see that more and more people are becoming aware of the craft and the psychology behind knitting. Bring on the magazine covers, put it on TV, go Knitting!!!!

  • A popular culture knitting moment: We just watched the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and there was Audrey Hepburn knitting in one scene! Now we are looking for actors crocheting in movies.

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