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Would You Knit Yourself a Couch?

Last year, I wrote about artist Kwangho Lee's beautiful knitted light fixtures, and recently, I came across some of his newest work on a design blog I enjoy. I love how he has taken materials like plastic cord, combined it with knitting, and come up with amazing new applications. In this series, called "Obsession," furniture emerges out of knitted plastic.

Be sure to visit his website to see even more photos of this series by clicking on "Furniture."

Via MoCo Loco.

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  • http://www.fantasymarks.com Rhiannon Strickler

    I'd crochet houses if I had the materials!

  • Suzanne Bothwell

    Thank you for the link to Kwangho Lee's site. What a treat to see such creativity and learn about him and his art.

  • Rowlandsangela

    I've just crocheted a couch, but mine is a tissue box cover. My husband thinks I'm mad for doing that, but if it was a real couch, I think he'd have me certified! It does look great though!

  • Karen

    I would love to knit a sofa for my home. Even more exciting is the idea to knit a cozy for my Scion Xb car. It looks like a toaster or a box....but it boring white and is crying out for a colorful and delightful cozy.

    karen in Albany, NY anticipating a major snow storm tonight and tomorrow....all the more need for a car cozy

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