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World Travelers Leave Us With Souvenirs

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World Travelers Leave Us With Souvenirs

At the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, we are thrilled to meet people from all over the world.  We’ve had visitors from every country you can think of, from Australia to Zimbabwe.  We love hearing your stories, seeing your projects, and even finding your change in our cash drawer–okay, we might not love the last one.

Our loose change box has become our own foreign coin collection.  Pictured above is a small sampling of recent finds.  We have coins from Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, the Bahamas and France.

So next time you are visiting us from a far away country and need to visit a currency exchange . . .perhaps you can visit us instead!  Maybe we can make change.

Have you visited the Studio? Tell us where you’re from and how you found the experience!

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  • That coin with the star looks cool!

  • When a friend went overseas, she asked me if I had a request for a gift. I told her “coins”.
    So I have a nice little drawstring bag of foreign money, which I use as objects in lessons. Youngsters love to play with money.

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