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Wonderful Windows at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Over the last 5 years, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio has had some phenomenal displays. Every season, we feature a different fantastical scene, almost all created with yarn (and sometimes knitting needles and crochet hooks!). Watch this short video to take a look.

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Join Us for a Celebration!

The store celebrates its 5th anniversary with a party on November 17th, and throughout the month of November, it will be offering special discounts. Visit its website for more details.

Lion Brand Yarn Studio
34 West 15th Street, between 5th and 6th Aves.
New York, New York 10011
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  • Deb

    Loved this! Congratulations on five years. I still love that original Lion window the best!

  • Sherry Maghsoodloo

    Loved seeing that! Very creative folks there, thanks for showing it off to us!

  • Marjorie Marquis Warnix

    Keep up the great displays. I too, still love the original Lion window the best, it's way kewl! Many thanks for taking the time and effort to supply the art, it's appreciated....mwah!!

  • Jeanette H

    Thank you, this has brought back some very fond memories of the Central Long Island Crocheters and Knitters groups NYC trips. When ever we go into NYC we always go to the Lion Brand store 1st :)

  • molly

    Love the windows!! As an old (76) display person I really admire the creativity - wonderful !!

  • Caitlin S

    So cool! What happens to the pieces from the display once they're taken down?

  • Deebee

    Love these windows, very creative, very inviting. Love the whole LB Yarn Studio experience.

  • Cecily

    That is so nice - thanks for posting. I love Lion Brand yarn and it is my go to yarn when creating a project.

  • Rae

    Really loved seeing these windows. I just wish that all the window display would have been included in the close-ups.....everything was so amazing, I wanted to each piece up-close and personal. Thanks for making this video, the music went so well with it too. A delight to see!

  • Flick

    Visited the store when the Art of Yarn window was there - I have a photo the same and so lovely to see the 'warm' door handles again! Thanks for the memories Lion Brand. x

  • Ida Granny

    That was some really nice yarn work. Wishing your company the best.

  • Laurene Hartos

    Congratulation on the anniversary. The window work is amazing. There are very talented people working there.

  • Beth

    The window displays were amazing!

  • Maria

    The scenes run thru too quickly to be able to oooo and aaaahhh.

  • Patty Beardslee

    Wow just beautiful. Happy, happy 5 years and many more!

  • Mary W

    Loved seeing all of your window displays....just amazing!!! Would you consider showing us a picture of the window when it is changed for the current season. I would love to see more!