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Warm Up Your Home This Winter With Hygge

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Warm Up Your Home This Winter With Hygge

Recently, my wife has taken on a home refreshment project. In her research, she came across the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). The concept illustrates creating a warm space with chunky knit pillows and throws adding dimension and texture. It’s all about using different materials and layering soft textures like cashmere with faux fur and heavy wool.


Image courtesy of UGG.

What is Hygge?

Our new WOW!® yarn and our LB Collection® Wool are perfect examples of Hygge; it creates a bold statement piece. Indulge in your space to create a styled look that brings you pleasure every day. When I delve deeper into the concept, I realized it was about more than décor. It is the Danish way to express the importance of self-care.

Under this view you should take time for yourself and create a space that is pleasing to you. Make your home a relaxing escape, light a candle and pick up a book, or better yet, a craft. Taking the time to knit or crochet can bring peace to your day. From feeling the textures of the yarn on your finger tips to creating a calming rhythm of repeating stiches and then relishing the feeling of accomplishment when you finish your project and joy you get whenever you see or use it, every step of the process is Hygge.

Why Hygge

Hygge is almost always linked to the word “cozy,” so it is no surprise that it just feels right for the winter months but it can be just as satisfying in a heat wave. You can find a perfect place under a tree in the park or on the beach to slow down and enjoy the world around you. Take time to notice and appreciate the small things and let them inspire you and bring you happiness.

Hygge is about doing something for yourself but this does not mean you have to be alone. If your Hygge is achieved by being around friends, invite them over. You don’t need to host a structured afternoon or night with specific projects and deadlines. Light a fire, make some tea, and have your friends bring whatever they currently have on their needles or hook. Your friends don’t practice the samecraft as you? Teach each other! The teacher can enjoy sharing what they love to do while the student can appreciate having a new outlet to relieve their stress.

-Jack Blumenthal

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  • I’ve been reading about this concept everywhere lately, and even read an article stating that despite New Yorker’s best attempts, the city will never be hygge. I as a knitter and born and bred New Yorker, disagree. It’s in a knitter’s nature to create coziness and bring it to even the most uncozi place (like an hour long subway ride into Queens). Perhaps as a “young grandma” I am simply a form of portable hygge, with needles in hand, books in my tote, and tea in my thermos.

    • I would think you can have hygge anywhere!

  • Hygge is also a Norwegian word. We practice it every day, it can be something as simple as a couch, a blanket, a fireplace, a hot drink and a good book. Or playng a board game. Or having a picnic. Or hiking in the mountains enjoying nature – sometimes with a blanket, a hot drink, a fire and just time. At home or away. Alone or together. It is what you make of it. As noted, the closest English word would be “cozy”. Anything that slows your heartrate and makes the hours just melt away.

  • Wouldn’t these designs make great wedding presents?

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