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Window Caption Contest Winner!

We were absolutely delighted by the overwhelming response we received to our Window Caption Contest! We've read through all of the entries, and we've selected a winner and 5 honorable mentions!

"Yarnia: The Lion, the Stitch, and the Wardrobe" - Karen Frech
Honorable Mentions:
"Pair Ice Skates: $64.99. One Hour Skating Rockefeller Center: $8.00. Handmade Lion Brand Yarn Sweater: Priceless." - Lori Decker
"Knitting in a winter wonderland." - Nicole Cushing
"It's the true 'March' of the penguins! In like a Lion, wooly like a lamb!" - Janice MacDonald
"In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion skates tonight." - Rosie Ankers
"Lions and penguins and yarn...Oh my!" - Melanie Blakeney

We want to thank everyone who entered. You all made this contest a huge success, and we loved reading all of your imaginative captions. Congratulations to Karen for winning; we hope you enjoy your prize!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sally-Cameron/596260858 Sally Cameron

    So cute! Good job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryjocarlton Mary Jo Carlton

    I also submitted the caption, “Lions and penguins and yarn…Oh my! (Mary Jo Carlton, West Bend, WI)

  • Jennifer

    The winning entry is good. Wish I thought of it!

  • Quiltin_kate

    Wow, such creative minds! Congratulations!

  • Zoomkitties

    I also submitted Yarnia. Hmm..... wonder how they chose. Even if I didn't win at least I had the winning title! I'll take my victories where I can get them!

  • Beka4628

    Is everything in the window hand made?

  • Julie West

    Perfect!!! Narnia is a classic in our household and Lion Brand is becoming one too - from now on it will be Yarnia! Julie West

  • Sandra

    Congrats to all, the Narnia one was great!

    That lion on ice... still gives me the heebeejeebees.... :P

  • Beth pM

    Totally deserved to win! Awesome title!

  • Beth pM

    Totally deserved to win! Awesome title!

  • Tonta

    really great captions! great job! awesome win!

  • Beth

    The winning caption is perfect!

  • Kay Smith

    I liked the Narnia one.

  • Kay Smith

    Also, where is the window?

  • Kidgirldebbie

    what pattern and yarn is used  on the scarf the lion is wearing?