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Win a Copy of “Loom Knitting Socks” AND a Ball of Sock-Ease!

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Win a Copy of “Loom Knitting Socks” AND a Ball of Sock-Ease!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner of this giveaway is Denise, comment #136, who will get a copy of Loom Knitting Socks PLUS a ball of Marshmallow Sock-Ease!

Here at Lion Brand, we love socks! (In fact, if you listen to tomorrow’s episode of YarnCraft, our radio-style podcast, you’ll hear from many different members of the staff here who talk about their favorite types of projects, which often include socks.) Not only do we love socks, but we also love all the different ways to make socks!

Whether you knit, crochet, or loom knit, making socks is within your reach! For loom knitters who want to explore the world of sock-knitting, we’ll be giving away a copy of Loom Knitting Socks by Isela Phelps, who has written several books about the art of loom knitting, courtesy of St. Martin’s Griffin. In addition, the winner will ALSO get a ball of Sock-Ease in their choice of color.

So how do you win this great prize?

Just leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you love making socks or want to try! And don’t forget to tell us which color of Sock-Ease you want!

One randomly selected winner will be chosen this Friday, 12 pm EDT. Good luck!

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  • I would love to explore another way to knit socks! Always up for trying new things!

  • I have always wanted to learn to do socks and the idea of doing them sounds like something I could acheive. And a book would be the icing on the cake.

  • There is no gift like a cuddly pair of homemade socks! The time and love that went into them cannot be bought in a store!

  • wow – never tried loom knitting – this sounds really interesting

    anything with blue in it lol – for an autistic child obsessed with blue…

  • I have never tried to make socks! It would be cool to try. I think I’d like the Cotton Candy color! 🙂

  • Socks are my favorite portable project and handknit socks are such a wonderful luxury. I like any sock yarn that has brown in it!

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  • I adore knitting socks! I love them because they have long boring parts (which are ideal for a take-along project), but interesting parts (like the heel and toe) to keep your interest. People love to receive them as gifts, and they are very comfortable to wear! Also, if you use thicker yarn, you can make nice, cozy bed socks. Up here in New England, warm feet in the winter is a must!

  • I like making socks because they’re portable, quick to make, and when you’re done you have something useful that you can wear every week.

    I like the Red Hots color.

  • I love to make socks, because they are quick and so portable on my road trips. The possibilities are endless, cables, lace, anklets, kneehighs! I love socks.

  • I’ve been knitting for 7 years now and have tackled most projects. I think it’s time I try my first pair of socks.

  • I love making warm fuzzy socks. There’s something about it that is challenging and fun. Plus I have not tried loom knitting yet and would love to. This looks like a great book.


  • I have always wanted to try to make socks. I love unique socks that add a little pop of color. I’d really like to make socks out of Sour Ball.

  • I’ve been knitting and crochet for almost 10 years now. I learned a basic stocking stitch from a dorm friend. Since then I’ve done tons of projects, but never socks. Maybe that will be this year’s Christmas gift theme.

  • Fifty years ago, my mother taught me to knit and to darn socks, but not to make them. I think it’s time I learned to make some for my children, and would love to try looming them–as I am a great loomer when it comes to beads!

  • I`m very much interested! And I try out my luck! Thank You for this opportunity!

  • I’m learning to knit socks right now. This would be great! I like the toffee or taffy colors. Thanks.

  • I want to learn to make socks. My adorable DH moved from sunny Southern California to chilly Virginia just so that we could be close to my family. And his poor feet are so cold all winter! My goal is to learn to make socks for the patient man to keep his tootsy warm with winter.

    I would pick the Root Beer color because who doesn’t love root beer.

  • I actually don’t like knitting socks as much as I like WEARING hand knit socks. They are the most comfortable and fun colored socks you can have, and they are all unique and special. I think my sock yarn stash has grown faster than I am able to knit socks because sock yarns are so pretty and varied. It’s the perfect souvenier yarn and it’s so easy to justify buying just one skein of something pretty and colorful. The good thing about sock yarn is that it is great for shawls and mittens also. If I win, I’d like the solid Grape color of sock ease.

  • I’m a crocheter, but I want to learn to knit and socks would be a great first go. My fave color of Sock Ease is RED HOTS!

  • This would be a nice book to add to my collection of craft books

  • A sock pattern I might actually be able to do? Bring it on! My yarn color: cotton candy for my favorite tween girl.

  • The Yarn Harlot’s blog is what got me interested in socks. I love how such a simple, small garment looks more complex to make to meet the eye. I think it’s a great way to kill time, whether on a trip to visit relatives or waiting for a doctors appointment. Sure you can buy them at a dollar store, but who can resist a handmade pair customized for your feet, in the colors you love? Small, funky, awesome colors, great gifts.. Now I just need to improve my knitting skills so I can get started on the addiction myself, haha. I love the cotton candy and taffy shades, they’d look great on my kids footsies.

  • Oh, this looks great! I would love to learn to loom-knit socks, as then I could teach my mom and make it easier for myself to make socks.

    I like the Grape Soda or Lollipop colorways.

  • I love to learn new ways to make socks. This book looks like fun. I would like some Cotton Candy sock-ease. 🙂

  • Knit socks without needles? Wow! I could knit on long flights without worrying my needles will be confiscated by Customs. I could knit onstage without fears of impaling the audience. (No one was hurt during “Turning the Heel,” but they did go flying a few times and it was a small theatre.) Freedom!!! I love all colors and I love surprises. Good ones, that is.

  • I have knit one pair of socks and am on to the second pair. I love it, but it takes a long time. I would love to try them on a loom, too! And I would LOVE a ball of root beer sockease! =)

  • I’ve tried knitting socks before but just can’t get my head wrapped around the multiple-needle technique. Loom knitting a pair might be the way for me. Because nothing says loving like handmade socks.
    My fave in the range is “marshmallow” – looks nice and toasty and cozy.

  • I’ve never actually made socks but I was JUST looking at patterns – (my boyfriend suggested that I try making us cozy socks for after skiing!) I think the color Cotton Candy would match my ski jacket just perfectly… 🙂

  • Socks are great, they are very portable so I always have knitting with me. And they are so very versatile, they can be as hard or as easy as you’d like and I haven’t yet found a knitting technique that you can’t do with socks, entrelac, modular, patterns, lace, you name it! Not to mention what tools you can use, 2 needle, 2 circulars, dpns, magic loop, 2 at a time on dpns or 2 at a time on circulars… whew! So much to explore… 🙂

  • I love making socks… They’re quick, easy and functional! If I win (fingers crossed) I would love Grape Soda Sock Ease, please! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I love knitting 2 socks at a time on circular needles using the magic loop method – that way I end up with a pair of socks rather than having the single sock syndrome! Marshmallow is my favorite.

  • Loom Knitting is something I’ve never tried and socks has been on my wish list for learning something new for a long time. The combination of this giveaway is the perfect opportunity for me to learn two things at once. I would love my sock ease to be in green please.

  • I’ve made myself two pairs of socks, and they are the ones that fit just right! Other socks are too short, or too long, or too tight… if I make it myself, it will fit, or else I’ll make it fit!

  • I’ve made socks 2 times so far, and I find the traditional method a bit frustrating. Would love to try loom knitting them, and I would pick Sock-Ease in the luscious Taffy color.

  • I’m a beginning knitter and pregnant with baby #2. I have been dying to knit a pair of baby socks, but I know I’m not quite there yet. Loom knitting would be PERFECT for me! If I win, I’d love to have Sour Ball, perfect colors for either boy or girl!

  • Have only made one tiny Christmas ornament sock. Would love to make something wearable. If I win, I’d like the lemon drop color.

  • I will love to make socks in a loom, how interesting!!!!!
    Your book will help 😀 blue is my favorite color!

  • I would love to try socks on a loom. I crochet and haven’t been able to make the switch to knitting. But I really want to make some socks!
    I choose the TAFFY color.

  • Loom-knit socks?!? A new technique to stretch my mind, skills and patience?!? It is a PERFECT combination! To be able to learn a new technique in Snow Cone in the heat I’ve been living in this summer would be wonderful

  • i love making socks (and giving them to my daughter) because she finds knitted socks more comfy than ready made ones for lounging around the house in! It gives me satisfaction that my work will be worn and appreciated. If i were so lucky to win, i would choose Sour Ball.

  • I want to try making socks because after making millions of scarves, i think it’s time to try something new and challenging. 😀
    I think snow cone would be a cute color. 🙂

  • I’ve only made one pair of socks so far, but I like them because they give me the chance to be creative AND still end up with a useful/functional/wearable product. If I won, I’d pick the Toffee color…

  • I have never made sock but I have often dream of making socks. I do not know how to knit but would learn just to make socks. I have found some patterns for crocheting socks but I never attempted to.

    I would love some power blue knitted socks!
    I hope I win.


  • I have never had a pair of hand knitted socks so I would love to learn to knit them!

  • I love knitting socks with dpns, but I have also tried magic loop and hope to do more of that. I am also up for a new way to knit socks and I am becoming interested in learning how to loom knit.

    Purple sock yarn!

  • I’d love to learn to make socks — I’ve used my loom for so many things but not socks — sounds like a great challenge.

  • Sock knitting is something I am definitely going to learn–just as soon as the Christmas knitting is done!

  • I love making socks because they work really well as small projects on-the-go or for when it is too hot to knit big things here in Florida. I would love this book because I bet it would be fast to knit socks on the loom. As for color of Sock-ease, Cotton Candy!!

  • I would try taffy. I’ve crocheted some socks, but crocheting makes different kinds than knitting. I think I would rather try knitting some to see if they turn out better.

  • I want to learn to loom knit and socks seems like a good way to start!

  • i wish i could knit, cuz there arent that many sock patterns for crocheters, i would love to learn to loom knit, i am always open to new skills

  • It’s about time I try socks…the cotton candy is my cup of tea..thank you for the opportunity

  • Loom socks, what is that? I like learning new skills. Loom socks seems like something I’d like to try. New skill, plus socks. Great!

  • I love to make socks because they’re an easy way to try out a new technique! As for what color of Sock Ease I’d want, I think the Cotton Candy colorway is really pretty!

  • Socks look hard and I have a bunch of looms so this giveaway seems the perfect opportunity.

    I think I would try out the Toffee colored yarn!

  • Socks are great and if I start now, I can make a few Christmas gifts (hope I do it right)!! Of course, the warmest socks of all would be made out of Red Hots Sock Ease yarn. Can’t wait to try.

  • I would like to learn to knit socks.

  • I taught myself to knit last Fall. I can’t wait to knit a pair of socks! They seem difficult. bit I’m ready for a challenge. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  • I love making socks because even non-knitters understand and appreciate them as a gift!

  • I love to knit socks on double pointed needles. I have not tried them on a loom yet. Might be interesting. I have been knitting socks for many, many years and I knit at least a dozen pair each year. My family and friends really appreciate receiving them. We live in north central Maine and it’s Cold here in the winter. I also always have a knitting bag in my vehicle so when we are traveling or I have an appointment, I can knit while waiting. One day my husband was having a procedure done at a hospital and while I was waiting, I was knitting a pair of socks(with Magic Stripes yarn-the best sock yarn ever! I cried when it was discontinued) and I dozed off. when the nurses woke me up, they said I was rocking away, snoring and knitting the whole time!-no mistakes, either. They all took turns coming in to watch me. They thought it very funny and cool that someone could knit while sleeping. I was just a little embarassed that I was snoring!

    If I win I would love to have a skein of “Taffy” Sock Ease yarn. Kudos for all your wonderful yarns. Love them!!

  • I love to make socks because while they’re a relatively simple project, they can be made fairly complex and people are ALWAYS impressed with the end result (unless you made some pretty big mistakes ;)) I love the RedHots, but really, I’d take any of them !

  • I love to make socks because they are so portable, useful, and make terrific gifts. Also, toe-up socks are wonderful because they are so easy to customize to one’s foot. No need to get bored with socks because of the choices, anklets, standard, knee high, slipper socks, or a huge sock for a Christmas stocking. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to try one of the new sock-ease solids and a spiffy design.

  • I would love to learn to make socks and your book might be very helpfull. I will be happy to receive a skein of Sock Ease in any color.
    Thank you fot offering a chance to win.

  • What size loom? How many stitches around? Would love to tackle this one!

  • My 14-year-old son has Asperger’s Syndrome and we were discussing it the other day. He thinks that I also have AS. I asked him if I had any repetitive actions. His reply was priceless – “Yes, knitting.” While we may share some AS qualities, I think knitting may be more of an addiction. He loves the socks that I knit for him as they are generally less stretchy than store-bought socks and he finds that feeling on his feet comforting.
    Socks are also a great way to try out new lace patterns without having to do a large project. Even if I don’t end up liking the pattern, I still have something that was a challenge and, often, a lovely gift!

  • I, at the advanced ageof almost 68, have never made socks! It’s on my bucket list, though, so i should try soon! And winning would help me along.

  • I love making socks because wearing them tickles my toes; you can use one skein of your favorite yarn — or try something new (like sock ease) and have a wonderful spot of “yarn play” with your needles, the yarn, and your favorite chair. It is an “inexpensive” indulgence, making socks. And because making them is addicting, you always have the exact perfect gift!

  • I’m looking forward to learning how to knit socks – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I think I’d like to start off with a pair of ‘taffy sock ease’.

  • Just knit my first pair of socks last winter with the yarn topped off with a inch of Fun Fur for my daughter who was raised in a suburb of Atlanta and now has a great job…but, is freezing to death…in Overland Park, Kansas. The Fun Fur top will never be seen since the socks will be worn under boots, but I thought it might brighten a cold, blustery day!
    I would love to try more socks via the book giveaway in the Toffee shade of Sock-Ease!

  • Loom Kitting socks sounds like fun. Red Hot looks like a great color. I will make socks for my son and his wife, they live in a 125 year old house and the floors are very cold.

  • I’m just a beginning knitter, but socks look like they would be so fun to make – just complex enough to be challenging, but a small enough project to finish in a small amount of time. It’s hard to figure out if I’d rather try one-color socks in Marshmallow or striped in Rock Candy.

  • I love to make socks but haven’t tried making them with a loom. I would just love to try it. Handmade socks feel the best on. Cotton Candy is my favorite color in the Sock Ease yarn.

    Keep stitching!


  • I would love to explore knitting socks on the loom with my 2 young nieces who knitted their first Christmas gifts for their parents on their looms last year–the look of pride and delight on their faces on Christmas morning is something that I would like to see again this year. They would love the “cotton candy.”

  • My 19 year old daughter is due to give birth in less than a month. She asked me to knit her a pair of socks. It’s something she can wear during the delivery. It’s my way that I can be there with her in case I don’t make it to the hospital.

    The socks are black with pink skulls.

  • I started making socks for my now 2.5 year old daughter last winter because they are quick and easy. She loves her socks and I am jealous, I would like to try a pair for myself. Plus I never win anything. So pick me and send me the color “red hot” since red is my favorite color.

  • I have wanted to knit socks for a long time. I have made 2 attempts but need a lot more practice. The loom knitting looks like a fun way to make them. I can’t wait to wear a pair and be able to say, I made them myself. (I love YarnCraft podcasts.)
    If I win I’d love to have a skein of Red Hots.

  • I love making socks because they are a great take with project. People love getting home made socks and they keep your feet warm. I would love to learn how to make a pair on the loom.

  • Pick me! Pick me!

    I’m not very good at socks with needles, so I’d love to learn another method. My 5 year old daughter has also expressed interest in knitting, and this may be a good way for me to get her started!

    I’d love to make a pair in “red hot”

  • love knitting socks have not tried loom knitting and am always looking for new ways to knit. Sounds intriguing. any color in blue

  • Have always wanted to get into socks and this sounds interesting. Always love learning a new skill!

  • have tried crochet socks so as I love to loom I would love to try loomed socks and of course test the yarn….

  • Socks rock!!!! I just finished my first pair about a month ago and have as a result worked through a serious case of knitter’s shame with their completion. They ain’t pretty, but they’re finished and they are mine. Even with their imperfection, they still feel amazing on my feet and I wear them to bed when I need a little extra warmth.

    What I would love now is another chance to perfect my ability with a new technique. These would be for my 4-year-old daughter. Lollipop pink is a perfect princess color for her to brighten up a long, cold Wisconsin winter.

  • Sour Ball color would make a great pair of socks. 🙂 Loom knitting for socks, very interesting….I love knitting socks, this sounds like a challenge.

  • I love the ease and immediate gratification of loom knitting, but all I’ve every really made on my looms are hats. I’d love to learn how to make socks on a loom! I’ve tried to knit socks on needles once, but I couldn’t get past the first one to finish the pair 🙁 If I had this book, I’d be whipping out socks in no time…or maybe even by Christmas-time! I love all the Sock-Ease colors, so surprise me!

  • I love the Root Beer and Toffee colors. I’m so ready for Fall and new knitting projects. I’ve never used a loom before but I would love to learn!

  • I learned to knit socks last year and they’ve since become my favorite thing to knit. Besides being portable projects and making great gifts, they are the most comforting thing to wear on cold nasty days. I live on the east end of Long Island and our winters can be cold and damp. There’s nothing like a thick soft pair of hand knit socks to make you feel warm and cozy.

    If I win I’d love to make a pair in Taffy or Red Hots.

  • Would love to try the loom, and get more experience with socks. I am actually already getting started for the holidys.

  • my grandmother made socks and mittens and afgans… just about anything that could be handmade, she did… she taught me how to knit when i was seven (a left-handed gramma teaching a right-handed grandkid), and im now trying to catch up to her in making things.. .i made my first pair of mittens last winter and am hoping to try socks this winter… now that she’s gone, everytime i knit i think of her, and it makes me smile ;).
    oh, and i like any shade of purple the best

  • I LOVE loom knitting! I didn’t know you can make actual SOCKS on them! Of course, socks made out of Cotton Candy would ROCK!!

  • I injured my back in the army and am now totally disabled. I knew how to crochet, but wanted to learn how to knit for the sole reason of making socks. I taught myself a few years ago through books and Knitty Gritty on DIY channel. It keeps me from being bored out of my gourd. I don’t have a favorite color, but rather COLORS. They are Lollipop, Grape Soda, Circus Peanut and Marshmallow. I’ve made a whole wardrobe of socks so far and the aloe coating in it makes it so much easier to control when I’m using size 1 and size 0 needles.

  • I would love to try this way of making socks!!!! Any color is cool with me but I do like reds the best!!!Thanks

  • As a knitting challenged person I’ve learned that loom knitting will give me those same beautiful results that I’ve struggled for years to achieve with traditional style needles. Crochet is great, but the results have been too bulky for wear with shoes. I would absolutely love to have this book and the yarn would be a terrific bonus, too.

  • I really enjoy making socks because they fit my short wide feet in a way that store bought socks never did. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and much more distinctly me than anyone else. I don’t much care for boring colors, so would like anything bright. Didn’t see a color list.

  • I love knitting, but the only class I ever took was in sock making. I really enjoyed it. My color of choice is Grape.

  • I love to knit, but the only class I ever took was on making socks. I loved it! My color of choice is Grape.

  • Socks are such a great take along project. They can be as simple as you want or as unique as your mind can think of. Would love to try loom socks as I have never heard of making socks this way.

  • I’d love to make those socks in TOFFEE for my grandaughter.

  • I love to knit and crochet booties, which are actually first socks. They are so cute and little and loved by Moms and babies. I enjoy loom knitting and have made super hats on the knifty knitter. I look foward to trying socks. My color, Taffy.

  • Pick me! Pick me! I’m a sock-knitting fool. Tho’ I’ve not heard of loom-knit socks but sure would love to try! Thx for the chance.

  • I honestly have tried to crochet socks, and even tried to learn to knit so I could make socks, but I got so frustrated (esp after 30 years of crochet) that I gave up…BUT I enjoy using my circle loom for items that I like a ‘knitted’ pattern to…so it would be great do try…perhaps with a purple color of sock ease?!

  • I’m retired and teach knitting [free] at our town yarn shop. I always like to start a new sock knitter on Sock-Ease as we can use #3 dpns, fewer stitches and get a “happy” product. Grape would be fun!

  • hard to pick- I’d love to win some toffee color, or
    lemon drop or taffy or- they are all de-luscious

  • I would love to win this! I love socks and can never seem to get them both done! I think I would really like to try this with the loom!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • I just love that you can make socks any color or variation you want. They make the greatest gifts. Any time I can learn a new way of doing something I’m all about. Thank you for sharing a great new adventure, especialy with the holidays coming up.I love any kind of varigated yarn.

  • Hand knit socks are just simply the best. I have done the tops of stockings on a loom but didn’t know you could turn the heel. This book would get me to that.

  • I did love to knit and crochet socks for my grandchildren (now 16 and 12) It is a lot of fun to add bright colors and little animals; but this time I want to make a BLUE pair for my son (he is jealous because I’ve never done any to him) and BLUE is his favorite color.
    Also, I would like to use the loom. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I think knitting socks is fun because you can create a unique look and use many colors.

  • I think hand knit socks are the best and would love to use the loom! Any color – the brighter the better:)

  • Knitting socks is meditation art. Nothing else comes close. It calms the spirit, lowers the blood pressure, feeds the soul and then, you have a beautiful piece of art when it is finished! Even if i make mistakes, it’s all part of the art of meditation, and it’s ok. i’d like to try marshmellow color and some fancy footwork stitches for the artwork.

  • I’ve made two pair of loom sox
    that mostly look like a beginner’s attempt
    but I do love them anyway.
    Now’s my chance to win an entire book on
    Knitting Loom Socks
    And wouldn’t I just love to knit my first pair from this book in PINK. Any shade or hue of PINK

  • I would love to loom socks! I’ve tried my hand at needle knitting them and always get twisted up and then frustrated… and eventually stop. Its especially frustrating because my husband finally got rid of his hideous, holey, at-least-ten-yrs-old wool socks and I’d been wanting to replace them BEFORE he threw them out.

    I have loomed hats and scarves and LOVE the quickness in which I can acomplish these items; I think the same efficency at project completion for socks would be FANTASTIC! And I’d planned on using grays, oranges, and browns so a nice toffee colored wool would be very cool!

  • I enjoy knitting socks. A good friend got me started on them and it is hard to stop. Any color is great on socks. I am happy that I found this Lion Brand site. Finding patterns, ideas, and great tips from other crafter’s is priceless.

  • I love making colored socks, because I think that leaves the visiaul prettier. And the knitting makes my day brighter. And the color I like best is blue.

  • I would love to try a new way to knit socks. I have tried making socks with the 4 needle technique and am OK with that method but I have that dreaded Second sock syndrome. I am always looking for new ways to knit. The color of sock ease yarn I would choose is “Root Beer”. Thank you for the chance to win this great prize.

  • Wow! I would love to try this new way of making socks……. I like the “Red Hots” color

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • I am craving a new knitting adventure and a pair of socks in cotton candy seem to be the way to go. So excited!!!

  • I just retired and would like to learn this way of sock making. Just love the colors and this is something i can take with me. my color would grape soda

  • I love knitting socks! They fit my feet better than a store-bought sock ever did. I spent some time on the Lion Brand website looking at Sock-ease yarn. Hard decisions. My favorite is Taffy. A basic conservative color with bits of surprise thrown in to make it fun. 😉

  • Someone should write an ode to homemade woolen socks. They’re definitely survival gear here in VT. I’m always looking to warm my feet come winter. I’d love to have a skein of Razzle Dazzle:)

    How about haiku?

    Drawer overflowing–
    Woolly socks plead and beckon–
    Let me warm those toes!

  • I resisted the idea of socks for a long time, especially after my first pair turned out rather disappointing (I didn’t use sock yarn!). Then it occurred to me that I could customize my socks by adding ribbing to the instep for extra arch support. The first pair I made this way are now my favorite socks! And I love the effect of self-striping yarn…esp. “Sour Ball” Sock-Ease!

  • WOW!! I have knitted socks with two needles, four DPs and even the ‘magic loop’ method but never with a loom…how exciting!

  • The idea of loom knitting intrigues me! And why not try it with something I have trouble doing with needles, like socks. This is such a great giveaway and we get some Sock-Ease to try our hand!

  • Socks and what they say about the person wearing them are important. From 9 to 5 folks who never allow the cuff of a well-matched sock below the cuff of their slacks to those of us who prefer loudly mis-matched tootsies, feet may be the only place many feel comfy expressing ourselves. I have yet to master spinning sock-yarn. Luckily, because of Lion brand’s exciting colors, acquiring that skill is not so urgent that I’m compelled to learn it now.

  • I walk by the knitting looms all the time when I go to buy yarn, but tried them yet. The projects look cool and socks seem the best place to start. Besides making your own socks seem to scream that I have arrived and can move onward and upward from here. I especially like the Cotton Candy color, you can’t go wrong with pink and purple!!

  • I LOVE socks especially now that I’ve learned to do them on the dbl circular needles – hate the DPNs. I’ve not seen the loom sock knitting yet & am curious as to how this is done – I am a weaver also. Love any of the colors but the purples & pinks are my favorite.

  • Why I like socks? I have crocheted for 40 years and crocheted socks just didn’t cut it for wearing in certain shoes, so I taught myself to knit just so I could learn to knit socks. Now, I take my WIP socks with me everywhere and have taught others how to knit socks. The Loom socks might just be the ticket for my mother who can’t hold a hook or needle well.The color- Root-beer, because she would make them for my dad’s birthday and would be a present for them both.

  • I just got a sock loom and I am in the process of learning the stitches to make socks. I can’t wait until I know them well enough to get started. Book and yarn would be an awesome starter.
    @Susan, I have hand problems and can’t use a hook or needles, but the loom is great.
    I love warm socks, and the loom is the perfect size to take along.

  • I’m a relatively new knitter (I started about a year ago), and am currently working on my second pair of socks. I struggled through the first pair and the results were less than ideal. Hopefully, this pair will turn out beautifully, and I’ll be hooked on knitting socks 🙂 I’d love to win a skein in the Root Beer color–it would be perfect for my husband’s Christmas socks.

  • I have never tried to crochet a pair of socks. I would love to give it a try. My daughter and I try to out-do each other in finding and buying unusual socks. How great would it be to be able to learn how to make my own and design my own wild and “wooly” colors and patterns! Color of yarn doesn’t matter to me if I win. I am up for anything!!

  • I like knitting socks because it lets me connect with my grandparents and great grandparents who had to knit socks out of necessity. Yes, I said grandparents, I have a grandpa that used to knit his own socks. It’s amazing to be able to do something that was so vital to them.

    I like the toffee colour of sock ease.

  • I have been wanting to do knit socks for awhile. I crocheted a pair for hubby but would love to make some knit ones for my 2 girls. I have all the needles and hope to get a chance to work on a project I can take with me while sitting at soccer, dance and swim lessons. So, if I win anything in pink would be AWESOME!

  • Oh, I forgot to mention in my earlier post, that my husband bought me a set of looms for xmas and I have yet to “complete” anything. I showed my 6 year old how to knit on it but we just could not make it all the way through a scarf. Something like socks might do the trick. Anything in pink please.

  • I would love this book!

  • I love knitting socks. currently I am knitting a pair for my youngest dd..
    I am planning on knitting socks for everyone for Christmas..
    always love to hear hints on how to do it easier & better 🙂

  • I love loom knitting and have a sock loom! But have never tried sock yarn?? I guess I am afraid of them. But with Isela’s book I would definitely make them I love her she is great. Her instructions are easy to follow. I have one of her books already and several of her patterns for Loom Knitting.
    The color I would like is Marshmallow!!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I am just starting to try loom knitting and a good warm pair of socks are a great comfort. So a book and yarn are a perfect way to learn to do both. I love the root beer color of Sock-Ease.

  • I have always wanted to learn to make socks. I tried a crochet sock pattern when I first learned to crochet and I didn’t bother trying to make the second! And I just love the Sock-Ease colors.

  • Socks have always been a source of contention and I would embrace the chance to learn a new method! Thanks for this opportunity.

  • I love loom knitting. While I’m still struggling to needle knit(I’ve just finished my first cable scarf but am struggling with slightly more advanced stuff), I’ve already made several items loom knitting. I’ve yet to attempt socks. They scare me just a bit.

    However, I’ve promised my step-daughter, who is 6’1″ when she stands up straight and has comparably sized feet, that I would make her some socks someday…socks, that weren’t athletic socks or a man’s style sock, socks that actually had a bit of wiggle room in the toes and still looked feminine and fashionable….perhaps in the Taffy color of sock-ease because she has “autumn” coloring and that would go very well with her.

    And this book by Isela Phelps, not only would give me the informational kick start I need, it’ll be a great companion to the book I already have by her.

    Thank you so much!

  • I love loom knitting and I’m always looking for new things to make. I have wanted to make socks for years but the patterns always look too difficult. I think socks would be easier if I were loom knitting.

  • I love knitting socks and do them now with the little bitty circular needles but an very interested in loom knitting socks too.

  • Wow, another way to make socks, without knitting needles! How exciting, my favorite is purple.


  • I would like to try making socks since they are very portable and can be finished fairly quickly for instant gratification.

  • I’ve been stretching my crochet horizons lately and my next frontier to conquer is socks! I can’t wait to try my hand at making actual socks — not slippers! My Sock Ease color choice would be red hots which have nice autumn colors.

  • I would love to try these socks. I have circulation problems and need to wear socks year around for the extra warmth

  • I love knitting socks for gifts, they’re so quick and make wonderful last minute gifts.

  • I love knitting socks because I love to wear them! Lemon drop and Red hots are my favorite colors.

  • LOVE knitting 2-at-a-time socks, toe up, cuff down,lace, striped. They are very portable, knit up quickly, and keep my hands busy at night. SO many socks to knit! Liking the “Marshmallow”

  • Hubby wears a size 16EEE shoe – YOU try finding comfy socks for that! My attempts so far have been abysmal failures. This may be my chance to shine 🙂

  • I’ve wanted to learn to knit socks but my attempts so far have not been all that great.

  • I would love to enter into the world of sock making!! And I love all the yarns they have for making fun striping socks!!1

  • I like to finish a pair of socks that look like socks. I tried to crochet and knit. a little better with the crochet, But Big Foot could have worn it, the DPN, forget it, and the circular ones, two at a time are extremely tight, they wont move around the needles, I have never tried a loom of any kind, maybe there is hope.

  • Wow! Loom knitting socks! I never heard of this. Sounds really interesting. I am willing to try it. And socks! My favorite accessory! They make wearing Mary Jane’s special when it starts to get cool and chilly here in NY!

  • well I am not the best knitter and this looks like something I may be able to do! and I love the taffy yarn!

  • This would be the finishing touch to my collection. I knit on a loom and crochet, but socks is something I have never been able to get the hang of. I would choose “snow cone” (teal blue) I already have the looms!! Thanks for this GREAT giveaway!!!

  • I’ve never crocheted socks before but think it would be interesting to try. Maybe making socks would help me find a pair that actually fit me the way I want. As for color, I don’t know. I tend to drift towards blues but I love to change things up a bit and live a little daring at times.

  • Marie August 18, 2010
    I am newbie at loom knitting it’s become obsession. I have always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet but never having the time and patient.

    But Oct of 2009 I went on early retirement and starting looking for hobby something to do in my spare time.

    I start looking on the internet how to learn crochet. I came across an article “How to Knit or Crochet without Needles” it caught my attention.

    To make the story short I went to my local retail store Michaels’ art and craft and I purchase a set of round Provo looms and one long purple loom and a beginner’s loom knitting book. I also downloaded easy projects from internet such baby tube socks, baby caps, adult slippers and scarves.

    For Christmas gift of Dec 2009 I made several scarves for relatives and friends. I also took a chance and made fingerless gloves for one of my son’s and my favorite niece. They Love it and show it off to all their friends.

    This year I would love to learn to make socks and give them to my love ones for the holiday.

    From a newbie at loom knitting who is looking to learn and take a chance at sock making.

    From Marie

  • Making socks is the only thing I have not done with knitting and would love to be able to do it. This sounds like an exciting way to make them.

  • I love making socks because I love to make things for other people and EVERYBODY needs socks! Also, I love making them for myself, as I have diabetic tootsies and hand made socks are SO much softer!

    If I win, I would like “Grape Soda” as my Sockease color please!

  • I am not a knitter– just can not get the hang of it for some reason! My mom tried time after time to teach me when I was younger and I have sought the help of others through the years, but to know avail!! So… I turned my attention to sewing and crocheting.WONDERFUL!! I have not tried to crochet socks yet, but would love to try to make them! Home made socks are SO cozy and I would love to give them as gifts! The cotton candy would be such a lovely color for my great nieces-I have 5 of them!!!

  • WOW! Isela is a wiz with knitting looms and i would love this book. Like Diane G, I could just never get the hang of traditional knitting and gave up. A few years ago I gave loom knitting a try and i love it. I have done hats and scarves for friends and family as gifts and would love some sock patterns! I’ll take any color of Sockease – Suprise me!

  • I am learning how to use a knitting loom and would LOVE to have this great book! I would use the Taffy color to make myself a lovely soft pair of socks. Judy

  • I love to knit socks! Could do that all day if allowed. Toffee would be my choice.

  • I would love to be able to try making socks on the loom because although I have been hand knitting for many years, arthritis has made it too difficult to hold the small needles required to knit regular socks. The loom seems like the perfect answer for me. I like the Taffy color of Sockese.

  • I love to knit socks for several reasons:
    (1) they are a small and portable – great for travel, knit nights, and commutes
    (2) they are an inexpensive project
    (3) you can wear socks in a lot of weather conditions that you may not be able to wear other garments in (e.g., can’t wear a sweater in 100-degree heat!)
    (4) I have always loved having unusual socks, and knitting your own gives you a lot of variety you can’t find at stores

    – Heather

  • I have always wanted to try socks, but they seem complicated for some reason. maybe i should just bite the bullet! (also, i love the Sour Ball color)

  • I’d LOVE to learn how to knit socks but on a loom would be even better! I want to make them so I can keep everyone’s feet warm in the winter. Our feet are always freezing!
    The Red Hots yarn is my fav. color so I’d definitely be picking that 🙂

  • I have been crocheting hats and scarves for my family of 7 including myself for a couple years. I tried knitting but didn’t quite grasp it too well. So I think looming would be very interesting to learn and now I could make some socks to go with those hats :)! The Taffy Sock Ease color seems neutral enough, but any color will be appreciated. Thank You!

  • I always wanted to learn how to make socks with a loom. You see I have Rhymatoid Artheritis in my hands and feet , so I think that a loom would be more comfortable for me to use, and I could make the thicker for my feet, as right now I have to ware up to 4 pairs of footies to walk, so my feet do not hurt. I love any fall colors too. Thank you.

  • I have looms that don’t get enough use. I would love to get a skein of ‘Red Hots’ and this great book to put those dusty looms to work!!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • I Love Making socks I’ve made them for alot of people.I love using wool . I really love to make socks because they are so easy to make.

  • I Love Knitting socks because they are small and easy to take with you .I’ve made socks for alot of people . I would love the color cotten candy.

  • I love knitting socks for myself and for babies because they’re such portable little projects, but now I’ve promised hubby a pair … scary, because he wears a mens size 13! I think “Toffee” would be a great color for him.

  • The reason I like knitting socks is that they are done in the round and use up little yarn and time for spectacular results! It’s so easy to change a pattern a little (or a lot) to individualize them for everyone on my knitting list. I was able to do a dozen pairs in a couple months during an unusually wet and cold spring this year.

    Rock Candy is the color I would like . . .

  • I’ve always been a bit intimidated to try making socks, but have always thought I would challenge myself someday. My daughter taught herself and has made several and insists they are easy and fun. Maybe this method would be a different, possibly less daunting way to try it. I love all the colors, but I think Grape Soda would look lovely. Thank you!!

  • in my current state of unemployment, i’ve found that knitting socks affords me the extra level of therapeutic intrigue and mental stimulation that i do not find with other, simpler projects such as scarves or armwarmers: each component of the sock (from the cuff to toe) requires a change in technique and hence, attention and care. such ongoing cerebral activity — coupled with the variety of sock colors and fibers — leads to fun, gift-giving, and joy.

    i’d like to be able to knit a pair of socks next for my brother patrick who is heading off to college and part-time military, in LB’s Green Apple color.

  • I like making socks because I like using my tiny bamboo double points. I’ve loom knitted other things, so I’m excited to try socks using that method. And it’s tough choosing one color of sock ease because I like them all, but right now my favorite is Green Apple.


  • i love knitting but we here at philippines dont have sufficient stores to buy things.i just use alternatives so i can knit.and my favorite color was torquise and blackandwhite..

    Zontee says: Hi jhysy, please note that DOES ship to the Phillipines if ever you want to order something from us. Click here for more information about international shipping from our site.

  • I love knitting socks because it is hard to get bored. You can knit one at a time, two at a time, cuff down or toe up. They can be knitted on 3 or 4 straight needles, two circular needles, magic loop or the loom. Once you get the hang of the pattern, your knitting becomes faster and faster, you don’t have to keep referring to your pattern. You get a finished product quickly. The self striping yarns make interesting. And of coure since they are portable, they are small, and can fit in just about any size purse or pinned to your pants so you can walk and knit. Living up north, especially during the winter months, socks are a must. Thanks

  • I love knitting socks – they are portable and quick to complete. I love wearing my wool socks in winter. Right now I am on a purple kick so Grape Soda would be my choice.

  • husbands older sister is perfect, and so when I learned she was knitting socks,…. I taught myself this art using dbl. points, now, being OLDER, and having bought an adjustible loom {broke the bank] I would love a copy of LOOM KNITTING SOCKS, and a ball of Sock Ease

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  • Anklets For Women…

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  • For several years now, I have been knitting scarfs and hats for the homeless. I would love to learn how to do socks and give them to the charities also. I must have a brain blank, as I cannot figure out the directions.

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