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Who Loves You More Than Your Dog!

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Who Loves You More Than Your Dog!


romantic sweater romantic hat

They always greet you with a wet nose and a wagging tail when you come home, and they never complain about your taste in TV shows. Even when you’re having a bad hair day they still act like you’re the most beautiful person they know. You’ve been together through thick and thin, and you know they’ll stick by you through whatever the future holds. That’s right, I’m talking about your pet pooch! Commemorate your special bond this Valentine’s Day with this matching Romantic Dog Sweater and Romantic Hat set!

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  • […] Here at Lion Brand, we’ve always pictured Valentine’s Day as a day to express the love you have for others; and nothing says that more than with a handmade gift. Send a card with a crocheted rose applique or knit your hometown friend a scarf in their favorite colors or make a sweater for your beloved pet. […]

  • On the pattern for the sweater, there is no row 12. Is this a step that was missed or just a misnumbering?

    • It looks like they forgot to write number 12 with line 11 because if you look at the picture, there are 22 rows on the sweater and that’s what the pattern goes up to. :0)

      • Thank you for all your attentive responses. We’ve made the corrections and follow the pattern for Row 11 for Row 12 as well.

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