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Where to Find Resources for Loom Knitting and Weaving

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Where to Find Resources for Loom Knitting and Weaving

Loom knitting and weaving has been increasing in popularity lately; although many people turn to needles and hooks for yarncrafting, there are some who prefer loom boards with pegs and a hook as their yarncraft tool of choice. Loom knitting is a great alternative to traditional knitting for those who may have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome; it’s also a good way to introduce beginners to the world of yarncraft.  We’ve been receiving a lot more interest in regards to loom weaving and knitting with the recent introduction of our Martha Stewart Crafts™ Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom Kit.

Although loom knitting and weaving is a very niche community, there are a lot of different resources available on how to get the best out of your tools.  Below, I’ve shared a few helpful resources to get you started on your loom crafting.

Video Tutorials:
Lion Brand Yarn: Loom Knitting and Weaving
This playlist includes 24 videos with tutorials on knitting and weaving on the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom kit; you can also see the many different configurations that can be created with the loom.

Noreen Crone-Findlay: Loom Knitting and Weaving
Noreen Crone-Findlay is an expert weaver and loom-knitter who has provided a plethora of different weaving techniques and loom configurations on her YouTube Channel that go beyond the conventional ways of thinking about loom weaving.  She’s weaved potholders, bags, hearts, and even gnomes!

GoodKnitKissesLoom Knitting
Kristen, the popular vlogger of GoodKnitKisses, offers a great selection of videos featuring different techniques and patterns that can be utilized on the loom.

Loom Knit Lab: Loom Knitting
Another great site for pattern inspiration from Isela Phelps with tutorials that can show you how to cable knit on a loom in addition to the many other techniques; you can also learn how to pick up a dropped stitch!

Helpful websites:
Loom Knitting Help: This is an excellent site to get you started on your loom knitting ventures.  This website is very insightful, provides tips, explains different tools and even shows you how to convert traditional knitting patterns to loom patterns.

Loom Knitters Circle: Isela Phelps, Bethany Dailey and Denise Layman have teamed up to provide a webzine which features plenty of loom patterns, videos, product reviews and cute comics related to loom knitting.

Loom Knitting Groups on Ravelry: Don’t forget about one of the biggest online communities for yarncrafters, Ravelry.  There are a decent amount of groups on this site dedicated to loom knitting and loom weaving.

Have you previously tried loom knitting or weaving before?  Do you think you may want to give it a try soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  • Brandyce, this is a terrific post! 🙂  I’m so excited that Loom Knitting has become more and more popular over the last decade and the new Martha Stewart Loom Set is definitely helping draw more folks to the craft! Keep up the wonderful job in spreading the news about what amazing things we can whip up on our looms. 🙂

  • my oncologist has only one usable hand. I introduced her to loom knitting as a way she could knit. She LOVED it.

  • I love to loom knit, as much as needle knitting. I have loomed for over 10 years now but also had an apple pie knitter in the early 60’s. It is much more like needle knitting now. You can make it look exactly like needle knit if you learn the correct knit and purl stitch. You tube videos are great to teach this and cables and socks and just about everything now. Isela Phelps has many tutorials out. There are some great small gauge loom making companies out too. Martha Stewart looms are the newest but there are many more around for a while already too.

  • Thank you ladies for sharing your great feedback, I look forward to hearing more about loom knitting this year!

  • I have been loom knitting for 6+ years and I love it. I also teach it to senior citizens. I started a charity, and a yahoo group I love this craft more than any I have done. There is always sommething new to learn.I had trouble with needle knitting due to a hand injury but I can loom knit for hours and days on end.. I have 2 sets of the Martha Stewart looms, endless possibilities….

  • I love the Martha Stewart looms! I have been looking for anything that would work well with the Rainbow Boucle yarn, at last the MS looms give the Boucle yarn a velvet look – just the right gage. As for all the other  yarns out there, the same professional look. I now enjoy double-knitting the Rainbow Boucle!

  • die cut templates…

    […]Where to Find Resources for Loom Knitting and Weaving | Lion Brand Notebook[…]…

  • where can i purchase the product to do the loom knitting, we have a large fabric & knitting store here
    in Vereeniging called Habby & Lace do you stock them

  • Carol, there are several styles of looms for sale now. Joann’s store, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s here in the USA carry the plastic ones and a few Authentic Knitting boards. There are some private sellers too though. Lynn Markman at Markman farms and CinDwoodlooms sell very nice hand made looms in all sorts of shapes and sizes. KISS looms is another style. Many sell online and Martha Stewart looms is sold at Michael’s, Joanns and on QVC in the USA and UK that I know of. You can do a google search and look at videos on You tube. There are many.  Amazon even carries the looms, yarn and instruction books by many authors. Good luck and have fun.

  • I love this kit! I just got it for $20 with a coupon! I can’t wait to use it!!!!!

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  • I’m getting a MS loom for christmas, and was wondering if there was a Yahoo Group especially for this loom?

  • I’m getting a MS loom for christmas, and was wondering if there was a Yahoo Group especially for this loom?

    • Hi Ruth, I’m not sure if there’ s a Yahoo Group specifically for the Knit & Weave Loom Kit, but there are definitely a ton of groups for loom knitting and frame knitting on Yahoo, which should be good places to start!

  • I have searched the Internet for the 18 peg round loom (also called mitten loom) I have the 12 peg and have been making preemie caps since October, 2012….One of the hospitals wants smaller sized hats, than the 24 pegs that I have been making…that’s why I have been searching for the 18 peg round loom….anyone know where to get them?

  • Love to Loom – Loom knitting for charity .. even better.
    So happy that Martha Stewart gave this beautiful craft her stamp of approval by giving the art of loom knitting a new twist.


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