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Where have your projects been spotted?

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Where have your projects been spotted?

I recently had the fun experience of seeing one of my finished objects on a clothing website.  I made a Rose Red hat in LB Collection Superwash Merino as a gift for my sister, a fashion designer.  I was thrilled that she thought it was nice enough for a model wear in a photo shoot.

It’s always exciting when other people appreciate your craftsmanship.  We love seeing your projects in our Customer Gallery and at shows.  We’ve also heard about projects winning prizes at local fairs.  Has your project ever been spotted on a blog or in a magazine?   Have you ever won a ribbon for your crafting?  Share in the comments below!

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  • Liz–this is so awesome!!! HOORAY!

    Well, I entered by baby surprise jacket in the MN State Fair, and while I sadly didn’t win anything for it, it was nice to get feedback. Apparently they felt that the wrists were too wide and the buttons started too far down on the neck. Fair enough, but I’m not second-guessing Elizabeth Zimmerman or her pattern!! LOL! 😀 Oh well. Better luck next year. And maybe this time I’ll try the COUNTY fair first. Might be a little more…forgiving. 😀

  • oh what a fun post!

    i just had my crochet donut that i made from your wonderful pattern appear on a blog today. 🙂

    thank you for always sharing such wonderful projects. i had so much fun making and sharing them.

    🙂 melissa

  • Congratulations on your hat making it into a fashion photo shoot — how exciting!

    I won some ribbons in our County Fair this year: 1 first, 2 seconds, and 1 third for knitting; a first for crochet!

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