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What's Trending for Fall: Why spend $500 on a trendy cowl when you can knit one yourself for less than $60?

See it ... make it!


We spotted this Nuage Paillette Hand-Knit Tube Scarf in the latest Lafayette 148 catalog (on the left) and it's gorgeous ... not to mention it immediately reminded us of the Dobbs Ferry Cowl (on the right) made in Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®.

You can buy the pre-made cowl for $500 OR you can make one yourself for under $60 - which option will you choose for your wardrobe this fall?

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  • Elizabeth Frank

    While the patterns are similar, but the drape is very different due to the bulk of Thick & Quick. What yarn would you recommend and how would you change the pattern to get more of the look of the Nuage cowl?

  • disqus_t4RdScns9l

    There is no comparison between the two. The second one is bulky & overwhelming. Wrong stitch & yarn.

  • http://lionbrand.com/ Danielle Holke

    Here are a few suggestions - it's always a good idea to make gauge
    swatches to assess look and sizing when making modifications ...

    1) The pattern calls for holding three strands of Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, you could try using two instead or;
    2) Choose a yarn like Vanna's Glamour® and or Vanna's Sequins® to attain a less bulky cowl with more drape or;
    3) instead of 44 stitches, cast on 40 or 36 stitches (pattern is worked in multiples of 4) and modify the stockinette stitch section's length to 15 inches or 13 inches (from 17).

    If those ideas aren't connecting with you, below are a few more pattern suggestions to help you achieve a similar look: