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What’s Stitching at the Studio

If you love to see what the staff here at Lion Brand is working on — from Lindsey’s great scarf to our group-made Lion — then you’ll definitely want to stop by the Lion Brand Yarn Studio‘s blog (for our retail store here in NYC), and see what the staff there has on their hooks and needles. I know I’m certainly impressed with all of the projects they are making for personal pleasure (in addition to the great things they are always making for the displays)!

Click here to see their great projects!

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  • Does anyone have a pattern for a just below waist front tie sweater? I have looked and looked and am a beginner crocheter but have knitted for 50+ years. Want to crochet a tie front cardigan. May even use knitting yarn. This will be to wear with a simple dress.
    Thnaks for any comments.

    Zontee says: Hi Alla, I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for, but if you go to and click on the “Patterns” tab, the PatternFinder has lots of options for how to search for a sweater. Here are a few options for crochet cardigans: Vintage Tie Sweater, Matinee Jacket (you could make a tie with a crochet chain, instead of the button at the neck), Moderne Jacket (again, you could skip the buttonholes and make crochet chains for ties instead).

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