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What’s Old Is New Again

Yesterday, I received two skeins of yarn as gifts for our Lion Brand archives. One of the skeins was Lion Brand Tweed Look, which was a four-ply knitting worsted yarn that was a Sayelle 100% Dupont Orlon. The yarn was machine washable and dryable and had a fantastic tweed look. I believe this yarn made its début in the late 1970’s and was extremely unique for its time due to the fact that most four ply yarns were considered a commodity, while this yarn had a unique tweed-like effect.

I was most excited about the second skein I received because it was one that I have never seen before. The yarn is called Glitter Knit and the put-up (the way the ball is shaped) and packing on this yarn are truly unique. Although we have had other yarns called “Glitter Knit” in our line throughout the years, this one was one I wasn’t familiar with; in addition to the put-up and interesting logo on the package, it also has an interesting fiber content. It is a 2 oz. skein that contains 87% wool and 13% tinsel. This skein is also special to me because it dates back to 1954, the year I was born.

Today, we have Vanna’s Glamour which is comparable to the vintage Glitter Knit, and over the summer, we’ll be introducing a new product that is like a modern take on Tweed Look. It’s interesting to see how everything comes full circle over the years!

Do you have photos of vintage Lion Brand yarns you want to share with us? E-mail the blog at and show us!

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  • Hey, I know this is a little random, but can you guys (in your infinate yarning wisdom) create some online tool that will turn all your crochet patterns into charts? I love charts and yet you rarely use them. I know I can sit and write them out, but I always worry I will make a mistake.

    Zontee says: Hi Jen, there are a lot of crochet/knitting charting tools available out there. A quick Google search brings up a bunch of results.

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