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What’s in Your Project Bag?

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What’s in Your Project Bag?

Most of us store our knitting and crocheting projects in bags, but what else do we keep with us? Here’s my current project bag and what I always carry with me.

Here’s my project bag. Let’s see what’s inside.

Of course, I have my yarn (LB Collection Superwash Merino), my needles, and my pattern.

Here are the notions that I always keep on hand. I have stork scissors (just like my mom’s), a few large-eyed blunt needles for weaving in ends, some stitch stoppers, and a soft tape measure. I keep them all in a coin purse at the bottom of my project bag.

What do you keep in your project bag? Share your must-have crafting accessories in the comments!

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  • yarn, pattern, crochet hook, scissors, measuring tape, paper clip (I use these for marking rows), and lotion.

  • In 1 bag I have a sweater, the next a Christmas stocking, and a hat in the last!

  • same stuff as you

  • I have the knit kit, (which has everything inside it) needles, yarn, pattern, gum, and lotion. I love your storage bag that you use, it is way cute. Where did it come from?

    Jess says: Thanks, Angela! Zontee got it for me. It’s a Mind Your Knitting Beanie Baggie.

  • Several skeins of yarn, crochet hooks, ruler, pattern books, blunt needles,and scissors!

  • I keep mostly Cotton yarn, sizes G,H,J,K hooks, pen & paper, stitch markers, blunt needle, several quick patterns, scissors, Needle threader & measuring tape.

  • Wool, needles, tin with needles, pins & stray buttons,soft pencil case with tape measure, cable needles, stitch holders, crochet hooks, also snips, bag handles for a future project and a new set of dpn’s

  • Several skeins of yarn, patterns, scissors, needles and hooks. A couple of spools of thread and misc notions. I actually have several bags πŸ™‚ I change things from bag to bag depending on what I am working on at the moment.

  • yarn, pattern, crochet hook, knitting needles, LED earlight, tape measure, scissors, hand sanitizer, darning needle, pen, notebook

  • I just changed my kit to a new box- and found one earring, wild free range stitch markers, the cover for my scissors- but no scissors, a folded up pattern for a project in another bag, random snips of yarn from three projects ago, a label from yarn I can’t remember, and a pizza coupon. Missing are my two tape measures, my ruler, my stitch counter, my big needles, and a pencil, which were all in other assorted project bags.

  • lilac sparkle yarn, circular needle, pattern, case (double pointed needles, cable needle, point protectors, stitch markers, stork scissors, notepad for keeping track of rows), my pattern and a magnetic board to hold pattern.

  • I found the perfect bag that came free with my baby’s Snuggly carrier. It has 1 center chamber (where I keep my work), a clear chamber on both the front and the back (where I keep my yarn clean, out of the way of the blanket I’m working on, and can see it, and it holds each skein upright), then a mesh side compartment on each side (where I keep a clear, straight plastic ruler on one side and a skinny pencil case on the other side with my needles and small safety scissors).

  • i keep all my crochet hooks, needle, scissors, and tape measure in a pencil case so all i have to do is put it with whatever project i’m working on. i usually have a couple projects going on at the same time.

  • In my project bag is a tablecloth using thread, it is lovely so far. Can’t wait to finish.

  • My current project, project books for my project wish list, scissors, crochet hooks, tape measure, scissors, knitting needle caps, stitch markers and a note pad. Have to be prepared for anything!

  • Oh, I keep the usual that has been mentioned… along with an extra set of needles, some yarn for fun play if I sit with the grandkids to knit…

    ….and a Lucet with craft cord or crochet #3 for those times that knitting is too big for the environment that I am in. As we are currently making wooden Lucets, I am learning all the many variations on Lucet cord, and have it around with me at all times for demonstration purposes.

  • Depending on the project, I will have my yarn, my pouch that carries all my crochet hooks, scissors, and needles… knitting needles… currently my bag is a nice big blue and orange back that i got from old navy! πŸ™‚

  • i have crochet hooks and yarn and my crochet blanket and scissors and patterns books

  • My project bag is from Stitches last year. I have yarn, patterns, stitch markers(about 3 diff. kinds),stork scissors,measuring tape, notebook several pens,crochet hooks, aspirin, tissues,hand sanitizer and half my life.

  • the thimgs that has been mentioned and a hand cream a notebook and pencil to write some tips thar we use to share in our crochet,knit and quilt group, we talk about a lot of things sometimes also we make jokes so we have a notebook so we do not forget anything that we share, recipes, jokes, and projects.

  • In my crochet bag I carry the norms… yarn for the project I am currently working on, place markers, itty bitty scissors I got from the hospital when my husband was in there, patterns I have printed from the internet, pencil, all my crochet hooks, small tape measure, book I am currently reading and most often a magazine. When my granchildren have been over, I can also find a toy or two that got dropped in there and sometimes even a piece of a cookie !

  • current project (crochet ph purse) last project (cuffs, but just 1, cause i left the pattern at home) bits’n’peices brick (pencil, pen, double ended needles, hooks, sewing needles, circular needles, note paper, scissors,oddments of yarn, needle gauge) nappies, change of pants (for training toddler) lip balm, hand cream, wipes, purse, keys, phone, and digital camera.
    ummm is a project bag suppose to have different stuff to my handbag? ummm they are the same bag, that way i always have something to knit or crochet πŸ™‚

  • I have multiple project bags with pattern, yarn, hooks, etc, but only 1 notions bag (probably not a good idea) that I grab and toss in whichever bag I’m about to grab. In it I keep folding scissors, a mini magnifying glass, stitch markers, 1 or 2 blunt yarn needles (for weaving in ends as I go), a tape measure, and an extra crochet hook (current a size E) to weave in ends as I go. Sometimes I will toss a small tube of hand lotion or baby powder to soothe my hands.

  • I have basically what you have in your bag (but crochet hooks instead of knitting needles), but have learned to keep a little notebook and pen in there. I put ideas in the notebook, and notes about what I’m making – which size crochet hook, patterns that I make up myself – just stuff that helps me remember what I’m doing…

  • In my project bag is a Christmas tree skirt for daughter; and an afghan for the Veterans of Wars Post in Cliffwood NJ: my Mom is the secretary; the veterans are from the Vietnam war;and I made a total of 5 afghans to donate to the Veterans home in NJ.

  • Two projects (one simple, one not so much), patterns, notepad, notions bag (Bent tip needles, locking st markers, point protectors, split ring st markers, snippers, beaded st markers, modular needle key, rubber needle gripper, tape measure, needle gauge, st holders, double end crochet hook set), water bottle, & netbook.

  • Forgot to ask, where is your, very pretty, project bag from? πŸ™‚

    Zontee says: Hi Lisa, as Jess said in response to a comment above, I got it from the lovely people at Mind Your Knitting. They’re handmade and have a beanie bag in the bottom to keep them from toppling over. Click here to see them.

    Also, for people in the NYC area interested in the bag, we now carry them at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio!

  • Silly as this may seem, my knitting bag has about $40 in “mad money” hidden in the zippered pocket on the inside. By squirreling away a few dollars here and there, I don’t feel guilty about taking cash out of the household budget when I find a see some yarn or a new accessory that I simply have to have.

  • I keep the same basic stuff everyone else does in a large bag. I use folding scissors, just in case my little one puts his hands in the bag. I also keep hard candy. My projects are in zip lock bags. Depending where I go depends on which project I grab. Some doctors just keep you waiting forever! During the summer you may find, sunblock, goggles, beach towel or small toys also in my bag.

  • My project bag is actually a basket I keep alongside my favorite chair. It has in it: the current pattern, yarn, needlemaster set, assorted crochet hooks in a fabric roll, assorted dp needles in a fabric roll, a zippered bag with tape measure, straight pins, stitch holders, darning needles, pencil, nail file, point protectors, stitch markers, scissors.

    I do use a project bag when I travel. It carries only the items necessary for the current project.

  • Tapestry needle, large and small gauge crochet needles, small pointed scissors, point protectors, sticky note pads, needle gauge, tape measure (note: get retracting one!), small circles of yarn for markers, several sizes of stitch holders, small metal ruler, tie wrap, pen, large paper clip – all in a cosmetic case that I transfer from basket to bag to box, depending on my project.

  • I keep my current project and what I need for it, plus a skein of cotton yarn with which I can make a quick dishcloth. This small project is handy when I need to knit but not think much, need a quick gift, etc. And I always have a snack bar of some kind, needed to keep my b.g. level up.

  • In my project bag I keep at least two projects, one easy crochet project to grab while waiting or childsitting and another more serious or larger project for quiet moments or to do in front of the TV. In my project bag I also keep a pencilholder in which I keep several crochet hooks, small scissors, measuring tape, point protectors, stich markers, a few blunt darning needles, two large safety pins, a pencil, small ruler and a small pocket calculator. You may also find in my project bag a bottle of water, hard candy and a book.

  • My project bag is a Nantucket Diddy Bag. I’ve got about ten sizes of bamboo straight needles, scissors, a pen, a small plastic sectioned box with various sizes of safety pins, some buttons, a thimble, a few band-aids, and two large-eyed blunt needles in it, a soft measuring tape, stitch markers, and a counter in a soft plastic zippered pouch, a small bottle of lotion, a pack of double pointed bamboo needles, a nail file (I can NOT knit with jagged nails!) and interestingly enough my Clarke’s Sweetone penny whistle in the key of D, along with some sheet music. You never know when you want to take a break from knitting and whistle up a storm!

  • My current work in progress, scissors, tape measure, needle protectors, stitch markers, crochet hooks, pen, blunt end needles, bobbins, row counters, t-pins, gauge measure,cable needles, beads, latch hook (? don’t know why), stitch holders and one set of dpns.

  • I have so many bags, not sure which to pick! I have one with sock yarn, pattern, and needles. I also have a basket that has multiple projects in it…a crochet sweater, a knit scarf and I’m sure other “stuff”!

  • Every crochet hook I own, scissors, measuring tape,a couple of projects, a couple skeins of yarn,stitch markers. I’ve misplaced one of my favorite books. Gee, I hate it when that happens!

  • The usual suspects + diapers & wipes as I’m rolling with a newborn these days. Also, a high-lighter to cross off each line of my pattern once I’ve knit it.

  • I have a lovely project bag from “Good to be Girl” and the “Knit Kit” is always in it. Great way to have your project ready to go with you.
    I have a pair of socks for my Hubby on my needles in the bag – the yarn is brown alpaca from our local farm “Worthington Alpacas”.

  • I keep the same stuff with me as you. But what pattern are you working on?

    Jess Says: Hi, Grace. I’m working on the Marigold Sweater from this summer’s Interweave Knits. I’ve got the back, one sleeve, and one front finished so far. It goes very quickly when I actually sit down to knit!

  • I always keep a knitting project in the car in a bag, so that I can take it inside wherever I am that day. When I worked night shift in the ER, I would take out my knitting if it got slow. Can you believe it that an EMT asked me what I was doing, and said that he had never seen anyone knit before??!! Am I getting old, or are our young people just not connected to handicrafts anymore? Are we losing our crafts with our generation??

    Jess Says: Don’t worry, Lia; there are plenty of people from every generation who knit. In fact, knitting and crocheting are very popular among college students right now. The trendiness of yarncrafting may come and go, but there will always be people who are dedicated to making things by hand.

  • I, too have my yarn, pattern and needles or hooks(I knit and crochet). My bag also holds a ruler which has special holes to size needles, scissors, stitch holders and two items which I made myself. They are a case with compartments for these notions-size 3 by 6″ when closed, and stitch markers which I beaded. It also holds extra patterns for future projects.

  • Yarn, 2 projects in process, patterns, needles, scissors, needle protectors, and a book if my fingers get tired πŸ™‚

  • I have several project bags right now…well, always. I use ziploc for carryalongs. I met a lady in an airplane who used ziplocs which I think is brilliant. So I carry the ziplocs, large blunt eye needles for finishing, nailclips instead of scissors (easier), hooks, knit needles, and a pad of paper or postits and a pen/highlighter combo. I know it’s alot but I have been stranded with no projects before and I go crazy without a project in my hands!!!

  • because I crochet and quilt, I keep two main project bags, one is a multi-year hand piecing project that is hexagons with diamonds, so the bag has a number of scraps, the paper and pattern piece, needle, thread and like you stork scissors. My current carry around crochet project is a second pair of small scissors, the ball of yarn I am making the one colour grannies from and a 4mm hook. The grannies should keep me busy most of the summer and the english paper piecing quilt should be another 2 or 3 years in the making…

    By the way, this is on the top of my RSS feed list and I am checking back more than once a day to see what is going on here… Thanks so much for all the great ideas!

  • 2 skeins of yarn oene in black and one in white size j crochet hook for baby blanket and scissors

  • Along with the normal items necessary for one or two projects, I have my Nintendo DS with the vital Scrabble game on it for when I need a break from crocheting. Also cannot be without my digital camera. Opportunites around every corner need to be photographed. Well maybe not every corner.

    Got my orange bag ( would have preferred something in a more tasteful ) at Joann’s and it has many, many compartments. It’s wonderful even when I can’t find what I want in them and I know I did pack it in the bag.

  • I also carry a small hand lotion and a small prayer book.

  • I have several project bags… One has several different colors of yarn for the socks I crochet. Another has a sweater that is partially done and the yarn that goes with it. Another has yarn for scarves that I make… Each bag has the crochet hooks I use for each project, scissors and whatever else I carry with me at the time.

  • My project bag consists of a plastic pipette box (I work in a laboratory) which is perfect size for point protectors, stitch holders, cable needles and small crochet hooks for dropped stitches. I wait until the end of the project to knit in all my ends, because the project can pucker if you’re not careful when weaving in. I also carry my current project, stitch holders, a couple of CD’s, a pattern, and plenty of yarn, currently working with a hemp/wool blend..

  • Besides my project and pattern is my new fave item; The Knit Kit. A hand sized oval that contains scissors,retractable tape measure, crochet hook, stitch holders and needle caps. Grab it and go!

  • I am 36 years old and a guy and I knit, crochet, cross stitch, and sew.. Thanks to that Amish home study course I’m doing quite well

  • I keep about 5 different bags,but they all hold the same things: yarn, pattern, small scissors, a measuring tape, either my crochet hook or my knitting needles(depending on which project I’m in the mood to work on), and some baby wipes so wipe my hands before, during, and after working on my current project. Then I can just grab ‘n’ go with whatever I want!

  • Well, I keep about 6 different project bags. All have the project pattern (laminated), some 1″ Post-It tape; Kollage Square knitting needles; a knitting/crochet tool; small scissors; needle gauge; measuring tape; the project –> mostly various versions of a scarf at this time. Really like working with wool; mohair; alpaca and various blends. Brown Sheep Lanaloft in one; Stitch Nation Wool/Alpaca Blend in another; LB Moonlight Mohair & Trellis in the third; etc. Lots of fun projects that are portable.

  • I use a bag made from a T-shirt. It’s great and can carry a small project, a large one, or a variety if I need it to. Great way to keep a t-shirt I love but can’t wear anymore.

  • I carry a little Guatemalan fabric bag with basically the same stuff as you, but I also have stitch markers (closed and split ring), a pencil (to write notes on patterns), and a couple of crochet hooks. Someone in the previous posts mentioned sticky notes. That’s genius! I’m gonna add those.

  • Along with the pattern, needles and yarn for the current I have a clear plastic zipper bag with scissors, ruler/needle gauge, stitch counter, needle stoppers, stitch markers, a couple of blunt darning needles, stitch holders, and a couple of different sizes of crochet hooks for fixing mistakes. I had a tape measure but it must be running around loose somewhere. My little bag goes from project to project and always comes in handy.

  • i have note book patterns,scissors,tape ,brush,bandaids,yarn,socks,needles ,pins,glue,bingo,daubbers,pens,yarn needles,measuring tape,buttons,camera,spoon,fork,pencil,and snacks

  • My bag has the same contents as yours, with a few additions. I photocopy my patterns and put them in a sheet protector; I also carry a write on/wipe off marker. I can then highlight where I am in a pattern (never know when the dr., dentist, etc., is going to call your name. When I have finished that project, I use the cleaner for dry erase boards and clean up the sheet protector…I am then all set for the next take-along pattern!

  • My pencil pouch is loaded with a crochet hook, measuring tape, stitch holders, stitch counter, emery board for snagged nails, a knit gauge to measure the size of my knitting needles, a small notebook and pen for any comments I need to make about pattern or for a to do list.

  • Thread, hook, pattern; pencil, gum eraser, small scissors, 6″ hem gauge (used to establish stitch gauge), tapestry needles, small safety pins (for stitch markers), click-style row counter (on a chain to wear around my neck), reading glasses (yes, I’m old ). And if I’m leaving the house, a bottle of water and a breakfast bar . . .

  • dental floss for lifelines in my knitting so I don’t have to start over completely and a gift card so I can pay with it instead of cash when I get a coffee at our local knitting spot….and the usual supplies along with a small memo book to jot down patterns and tips I pick up during group discussions…

  • I found some great ideas from the previous posts and I use a lot of the ones mentioned but I also keep an inexpensive mp3 player & earphones with a book on it. I love to be able to knit and read at the same time.

  • Everything above plus a copy of Vickie Howell’s Knit Aid and index cards for jotting down short pattern stitches.

  • I keep a small makeup bag with a tape measure, sewing needle, small airline approved scissor, stitch holders, a stitch counter and a pencil. There is often also assorted bits of yarn. I also keep my Denise needles box in the bag. πŸ™‚

  • could you please tell me what stitch stoppers are?? Just curious–I’m learning about things that I never knew existed–Thank God for the internet!!!

    Jess Says: Hi, Debbie. Stitch stoppers are also known as point protectors. They keep your stitches from falling off the knitting needle, so they’re great to use when traveling. You can also put them on one end of your double-pointed needles to use them as single points.

  • Along with a couple skeins of yarn, I include different colors of threads to mark right sides, a few row counters, a couple of sizes of crocheting hooks, a set of yarn needles, a pair of scissors, the project pattern, and a cheap pair stylish magnified glasses. πŸ™‚

  • I have several project bags unfortunately. I can’t seem to finish one project before getting inspired to start something else. Generally I carry a tote back with needles, all the yarn for the project, scissors, pattern a blunt ended needle, a pen and small notepad so I can mark down what row I left off with.

  • I have the same stuff. i was just so reassured that there are some of you that have several projects going at the same time. When I get bored , I like to be able to switch it up. After all, I do this for fun!!

  • Yarn, pattern, needles, needle gauge, measuring tape, scissors, half finished project πŸ™‚ In my second bag I keep cotton and needles for making dishrags.

  • In mine there are knitting needles crochet hooks of all sizes large needles for weaving ends scissors yarn for my hand mitt proiject and extra yarn if someone wants to learn. I ‘m always ready to help out and get someone involved in crochet or knitting. My mom would be proud!

  • I carry the following in my project bag:
    small scissors
    stitch holders
    end pointers
    embroidery needles
    gauge marker
    crochet hooks
    a couple pairs of 10″ needles
    pencil/pad for notes
    row counter
    1 skein of yarn

    That’s about it!

  • I always have a sock project in my purse as well as a crochet hook, tape measure, stitch holder and photocopy of the pattern.

    I don’t have a specific project bag for my tools. I have 2 bags with projects in them (a lace wrap and panels for a blanket). But my tools travel in one of those $5 needle-holder-roll-ups you can buy at walmart etc. It contains my scissors, crochet hooks, yarn needles, tape measure, sewing needles, stitch holders,stitch markers,pens, knitting-board-pick. Losing that roll-up would feel similar to losing my wallet. Can’t function without it! πŸ™‚

  • I am knitting a jacket with silk yarn. I carry it in my project bag, along with the pattern, tape measure, two extra balls of yarn, scissors, yarn needle for weaving in the ends, scissors with point protector. stitch markers and stitch holders, spare round knitting needles. My pr0ject bag goes everywhere with me. It is a brown & white leaf patterned bag that I purchased at the dollar store and it zips closed. The yarn is a hand-dyed almost denium blue.
    Roberta in Cary, NC

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  • My traveling project is full of items, but I have found recently, that my needle gauge has come into play. I was at the second hand shop and found some lovely needles with no size markings, they were old, wooden, and beautifully carved. I was going to purchase them no matter what size, but I got out my gauge and found to my pleasant surprise, they were just what I needed for my next project. Now I am happily working away on some Very beautiful, I am nearly positive hand crafted because of the slight variations, wooden needles.

  • I keep a small stack of Post-it notes and a mechanical pencil in my project bag.
    Great for making quick notes on patterns or marking a place when you get interrupted.

  • When working on a project I always copy the pattern and leave the book at home it makes the bag lighter and saves my pattern book.. Also I keep a magnet board and a stright magnet in a page sleeve with the pattern . I can move the magnet row by row and not lose my place.

  • I have a little gauge swatch in my crochet bag, it’s great for tucking in my smaller hooks or big eye needle so they don’t get lost in the bottom of my zipper bag of hooks. My zipper bag of crochet hooks is one of those vinyl money bags for carrying cash to the bank. It’s just the right size to carry them all neatly.

  • I have a Pair of sissors crochet hooks and tappasty needles but I need a new needle threader. Does lion brand carry needle threaders? Kay Smith

  • I carry a crochet hook in my knitting bag because it’s great for picking up a dropped stitch.

  • I carry a crochet hook in my knitting bag because it’s great for picking up a dropped stitch.

  • In addition to the above list, I have a tape measure, pen and small notebook (to keep track of things I change in a pattern or how many rows I have done, etc), thread ( for many reasons), safety pins, and hand lotion and my “Knitting Bible” that has all my notes, patterns, etc. in to keep track of it all. .

  • I have a nail file whenever I will be touching yarn. Indispensable! There is hardly anything more disheartening than the sight of good work marred by snagged yarn from a ragged fingernail.

  • I have all that plus stitch holders and separators and a crochet hook

  • I like the tape measures from Ikea for my knitting bag. They are light and durable, one side inches and the other centimeters. And if you lose one, you can pick up another when you get to Ikea!

  • I have a small peg stitch counter in my ziploc bag. It has a ruler on it, an area for for increases/decreases and rows and pattern rows. Invaluable and no need for paper/pen. I also have included cable needles and stitch holders of various sizes.

  • I keep rings, in case I am going to do more than one color to keep the yarns from tangling, I also put my yarn in a plastic bag b/4 putting it in my project bag, just because

  • jenniferFP

    i keep a cute little notepad(the kind on a keychain) and pencil so I can write where i left off in the pattern. Just on the off chance i put down my project for awhile and return months later. i know where i am to pick it back up again.

  • hand sanitizer alcohol free…

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