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What’s the First Thing You Ever Knit?

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What’s the First Thing You Ever Knit?

What’s the first thing you ever knit? How did it go? We asked Lion Brand® associates to look back on their first projects and share how far they’ve come.

Leave a comment and tell us — what is the first thing you made? Do you still have it? Did you learn on your own or did someone teach you? This isn’t just for knitters, either — let us know what you first crochet projects were, too! Every crafter has a unique story, and we want to hear it.

Watch this video to see where it all started!

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  • The first thing I ever knit was a dishcloth. It was used until it fell apart, so it was successful along those lines. But I was such a tight knitter my fingers literally ached for days.

  • My mother was a fiber artist, trained in Norway. Her whole family was involved in needlework from early ages. She taught me to knit, crochet and embroider at age 5 and my sister at the same age. My first project was a square to be used by my father as a blotter for his ink pen. We graduated to wrist bands, hats, gloves, sweaters, and many other things over the years. I guess I have been knitting, crocheting and embroidering close to 70 years!! 69 years to be exact! I make chemo hats now and my sister has so many grandchildren that she stays busy making afghans for all of them!!

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