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What Would YOU Do?

Your oldest and dearest friend is about to celebrate one of those big birthdays that end in the number "0". For the last 3 months you have been working on a gift for her. It's made with a beautiful color of yarn--you found the exact shade of her favorite color and you're putting a lot of love and time into making this one-of-a-kind gift by hand. You're about to leave for the party and you hold the finished item up to the light to admire it one last time before you wrap it. Uh, oh, you see a mistake. It's not a big hole but it is a visible (if you look closely) imperfection in the stitching of one of the rows that would take an extra day to fix.

What do you do? Do you give her the gift on her birthday with the recognition that mistakes do happen and are even acceptable or do you tell her you have knit or crochet this special gift but it isn't ready in time for her birthday, feeling that it's more important to make it perfect?

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