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What an Episode of “Crafting With the Stars” Might Look Like

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What an Episode of “Crafting With the Stars” Might Look Like

We’ve teamed up with Todd Clark, creator of the ever-popular Lola series, to bring you “Out of the Loop,” a regular one-panel comic featuring humorous takes on the world of yarn.

Enjoy and please share widely!


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  • Oh, my gosh!! This is hilarious! A few weeks ago I jokingly said to my husband, “They should have a show called ‘Crocheting with the Stars'” Too funny!

    • After all, Vanna White is already an accomplished crocheter, TV host, and Lion Brand Yarn spokesperson, so they already have someone to build the program around.

      I expect that many stars do have hobbies that they can pursue while sitting around waiting for their next part of the action. I am sure that some of them have had time to become quite good at it. Would we have a competition between several stars to see who could crochet a pattern faster with the judges catching the fewest mistakes? “Jim is rounding the turn on the lace border, but Kelly made up a lot of time on the cable section, and is likely to catch Jim before we reach the bind off, So once again it may come down to who has the best time on the vest side seams!

      No one who is not a crafter would understand, but if there was a way to download a pattern at the end of the show, you might find a large crowd of crafters watching. Especially if say Jim and Kelly had each picked a pattern, and had to crochet both patterns, and which pattern could be downloaded depended on who won the crochet competition. If Jim wins we get to download the pattern Jim picked, if Kelly wins we get to download the pattern Kelly chose. Then the winner gets to face a new challenger on the next show. Seriously if the camera work was good, it might be riveting.

      I bet Vanna White would be a good host for it.

      • I love your ideas! Sure sounds like something I would watch!

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