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Welcome to the Sampler Afghan Crochet-Along!

Crochet Sampler worked in Lion Organic Cotton

For the first Lion Brand crochet-along we gave you the opportunity to vote for one of three patterns. You've chosen the Crochet Sampler Afghan (click the name for the pattern), so it's time to grab our hooks and jump on in! Depending on your level of experience there are a variety of challenges this simple project can offer.

For some, it’s the task of completing an entire blanket. Myself included! I often stick with smaller projects simply to better guarantee the chances I’ll finish. So I’m starting this CAL off with the vow that I will complete one Sampler Blanket by the end of our time together. Eep! You’ll have to help me stick to my promise! Luckily the pattern works up in simple blocks that can be taken in small steps and before we know it we have an entire blanket. And just in time for crisp fall nights!

For others the challenge may be learning to crochet. And this is a fine project to start with. If you are completely new to crochet, you can start off with the single crochet blocks and by the time you’ve finished them you’ll be ready to take on the double crochet blocks and then the cluster blocks. Don't forget, the Learning Center is available to help you out.

We have many of you excited (or a bit nervous and certainly curious) about giving pattern reading a try. I can talk on this in more detail next week. For now I’ll simply say what you’ve likely heard already, reading a pattern is just like reading a recipe. Simply take it step by step and whenever you don’t understand the next step take a moment to look it up or ask questions. It will start making sense in no time!

Crochet Sampler AfghanAnd there are plenty more ways to find a challenge in this project. I have personally always had a hard time following a pattern to the letter and can’t resist encouraging others to color outside the lines if they wish. So in that vein there will be plenty of discussion about choosing yarns, resizing the blanket, and yes some more complicated stitch patterns if you want to add some different textures to your blanket.

So let's get started! What kind of challenge do you want to take on with your Crochet Sampler Afghan? Pick your yarn and grab a hook!

The CAL starts now and I'm aiming to finish my afghan in about 6 weeks, but you can start when you're ready and work at your own pace!

In the next CAL post I'll talk about working with the pattern, choosing yarn, and I'll share the simple changes I made for a doll sized version of the Crochet Sampler.

I'll be posting about once a week. If you have any questions about how to participate in a crochet-along, check out these tips from this summer's knit-along right here. If you use Flickr or Ravelry, don't forget to join the Lion Brand Crochet Sampler Afghan CAL groups!

In the meantime, leave a comment and introduce yourself! What's your skill level? What do you like to make? What are you most looking forward to for the CAL?

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