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What's the Weirdest Place You've Ever Crafted?

One of the many great things about knitting and crochet is that, with the right project, both can be extremely portable. Because of this, you'll see people crafting in some of the weirdest locations -- not just airplanes or subway trains, but also bars, concerts, poolsides, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine.


The picture above is of me working on my Curvy Girl Cabled Cardigan while waiting for a bus. It's not the most bizarre place where I've knit, though. Actually, transportation is where I get a lot of my crafting done. Any time I can find a seat on a bus or the subway, I've got my needles out.

My Weirdest Place(s)

Maybe my strangest knitting locale is the time I was at a concert at a large NYC venue and, between acts, sat down on the floor and started working on my latest project. Or perhaps it's the time I went to a taping of Good Morning America with a journalism class I was taking, and sat knitting a hat in the green room. It depends, really. How do you define weird?

Maybe weirdness is based on how out of place it is for the occasion. In that case, it's probably the concert. Most people stand around talking with friends between bands. While I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever do it, knitting is hardly common. However, a green room is designed for people to wait, so it wouldn't be surprising if people used that time for crafts.

But weird could also describe something that few people experience. Most people will go to a concert at some point or another, so that's not all that odd. Not as many will go to Good Morning America, and fewer still will sit in the green room. That's certainly more unique. I think for me, I'm going with GMA as the most bizarre.

And You?

So, readers, tell me: what's the weirdest place you have knit or crochet? An unusual situation? A once-in-a-lifetime trip? A celebrity encounter? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Kat

    Maybe not so weird but it got me lots of looks. My sister and I took a cruise from San Diego to Hawaii and back. I spent the entire trip out in various places on board knitting a pair gloves (in mohair and silk). Helped me meet a lot of interesting people.

  • Anne

    I worked on a knitted shawl while sitting inside a blind with my husband during a wild turkey hunt. Don't remember if he got a turkey that day, but I still wear the shawl.

  • Laura

    I do not find this weird, but I tag along with my fly-fisherman husband and regularly sit on a boulder in the middle of the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park to knit charity newborn hats for the Livingston, Montana hospital.

  • Mary K.

    Most of the places noted I have done, and if my husband fished or hunted those venues would be on my list. Certainly I knit waiting for trains in traffic at lowered crossing gates. Tried it once briefly in rush hour traffic while rolling while rolling, knit, look, knit, look -- won't do that again. A project in the car -- always a good idea.

    But is no one but me knitting DURING opera performances or concerts? Works really well if you are flanked by family members who know you well. Also works well if you sit on the aisle with a cooperative spouse next to you. And you bump them less because you have more room.

    I knit for charity a lot, and sometimes asking permission and explaining the charity recipient gets me the green light among strangers. I was only once busted doing this when I forgot myself and pulled yarn off the ball by shooting my hand into the air. Sure enough, the patron behind me tapped me on the shoulder at intermission.

    And don't forget knitting in your lap in a restaurant under the table while waiting for food. This is sure to keep my greedy little fingers away from the bread basket!

  • Lisa Mills

    Doctors office waiting rooms aren't weird but it feels kinda weird working on a baby blanket and being the only not pregnant one at the gynecologists office lol

  • Reen

    My most noteworthy crocheting spot was at my niece's outdoor wedding. I was still making her wedding gift, a huge afghan, and I didn't want to take it home again on the plane, and then have to ship it to them. So I sat and crocheted furiously throughout the dance, while various people took turns sitting down to visit with me. I stayed way past midnight, til the dance broke up, but I finished the gift, wrapped it and was able to leave it with them. Whew!

  • Debbie

    Mary you are not alone in knitting during concerts. I knit while enjoying concerts, performances and movies. I knit while a passenger in any type of vehicle, in any waiting room and in restaurants. Sometimes I knit while waiting in line. I even knit while in the dentist's chair having dental work done!

  • Kim

    When I was in the Navy, in 1988, in school where I was learning how to perform my job as an aviation ordnanceman, it was common for my class to get lots of smoke breaks. Since I was newly pregnant, I didn't want to join everyone in the smoking area, so I sat in the hall, in uniform, knitting a baby bonnet. Several naval officers walked past me, smiling, and one even said, "Now there's something you don't see everyday!" That's when I realized how funny it must have looked.

  • Jane

    Movies (once I was a knitting Muggle), weekly hockey games, at Apple, any transportation, the mall, baseball game, waiting at various doctors, the dentist too, really bad traffic jams when I am the driver, a hiking trail, None are really weird---at least not to me!

  • engrmom

    I have been crocheting and knitting since college. In 1969 I got permission from one of my engineering instructors to crochet during a Senior seminar, so not only was I the only female, but also the only one crocheting. My husband has a video of me crocheting while we were staying on a small island off Bora Bora with our daughter in 1989. I guess I've been at this for awhile-a self taught leftie!

  • Sue

    South of Moscow, Russia on a Let-410 (Czech cargo plane) in a 4 aircraft formation riding to 15,000 ft for several 100-person skydive formations. I crocheted an amigurumi monkey. I stowed my crochet hook along my forearm inside my jumpsuit so I wouldn't lose it or stab myself. Once the monkey was complete I strapped him to my chest strap and took him on one of the jumps just like a tandem passenger.

  • Jacq

    Most unusual place I knit was at the Kripalu yoga retreat centre, while sitting in lotus position on the floor, listening to a jazz pianist. I was there for a weekend retreat, and after an intense workshop on yoga for depression it was a wonderfully meditative way to end the day.

  • Amber

    I knit at staff meetings (has to be something simple I don't need a pattern for), In the car during road construction when we are at a complete stop for several minutes (helps control my blood pressure), and in the bathtub once or twice (my husband knows these are time to leave me the heck alone).

  • Valerie Ruhrold

    I knit while I was in the labor room waiting to give birth to my daughter up until 20 minutes before delivery and it was normal delivery, not a C-section.

  • Annie

    Reading the other comments, I've knit everywhere plus some!! I knit at ball games, in waiting rooms of all kinds, on my lunch break at work, watching tv and in bed at night, in choir rehearsals and before, during and after a concert. I knit when I visit my mom, at the park with the kids, on the beach when we were at a camp this summer, on airplanes and when I went on a missions trip to Guatemala. Anywhere I can, I will knit!!

  • mary

    I finished a pair of socks while in the hospital. It was challenging with the finger clip that measures blood oxygen levels, the IV drip, the blood pressure cuff, and the bed at a strange level.

  • Bonnie

    During an Excel class I was taking for work. Had a deadline to get my craft project finished.

  • Sonias Kittehs Clifton

    Actually at work. On the ambulance between 911/emergency calls! Oh the memories these knitted things could tell.

  • Halley Sanderson

    I have knit just about everywhere I've gone since I started 5 years ago. I get most of my strange looks or surprised comments when I do so in a hospital bed, during Mass, waiting in line, or walking down the street. Everyone in my neighborhood and at my childrens' school is used to it, as is anyone in my local recovery community that isn't a newcomer. But traveling out of those tiny bubbles always earns me at least a double-take, bc I knit/crochet EVERYWHERE, and it does surprise many people that I can do so and walk and pay attention at the same time! (What most people don't know is that it actually helps me pay attention!)

  • Carol

    I live in Portugal and walk while knitting, usually a sock, every morning, for about an hour, four kilometres, much to the horror of my physiotherapist. I do not find any of the places mentioned weird, since I too knit in church, restaurants, grocery stores, choir rehearsals, anytime really. With knitting, nothing is weird.

  • Laura Manning

    The weirdest place I've ever crocheted was in the emergency recovery room at a hospital

  • RSwink

    I think some of the strangest places I've knit have been in the middle of the Grand Canyon and at the Four Corners Monument. I was knitting a scarf at the time.

  • Jenny Feeney

    I knit and finished a scarf for a Christmas present while in the hospital having my baby. Lots of time to kill waiting. Made many scarfs that year while on bed rest.

  • Maureen Hartmann

    Maybe it weird but I was knitting a pair of socks while sitting in a Chicken Coop. We had just gotten some new chickens and the older hens and roosters kept trying to chase the newer ones out of the coop. So I sat in the coop for several hours trying to keep everyone happy. Finally the old chickens accepted the new ones and I had me a pair of new knitted socks.

  • Cricket

    I was finishing a sweater with the head of David on it on a train on my way to see the statue in Florence, had my picture taken in front of it holding up the sweater

  • LC

    Not myself, but a fellow librarian. She came to our panel at a convention on puppeteering, and was knitting so much, I had to wonder if she was paying attention at all. Perhaps she just wanted a break in order to knit, and our panel seemed like the one she could get away with not paying attention to.

  • Andrea

    Probably the weirdest place I've crocheted at was a tractor show. We have a camping spot on the grounds, and since there wasn't much going on and we were just enjoying the beautiful afternoon, I got out my project. I got a few strange looks from strangers, but friends that came around just asked what I was making and thought it was a great idea. I think some of them were a little surprised, but most know that I crochet and knit, so it wasn't a big deal.

  • Itschell

    In common with many of y'all I'm a long time knitter and crocheter. Reading this makes me smile thinking projects and where they were brought to fruition.

    This isn't a weird place, but the weirdest thing that has happened to me while crocheting. I was on a plane and flying being one of my least favorite methods of transport I always have something with me to keep distracted. I was crocheting a baby afghan and the lady next to me became visibly agitated. After about 30 mins she spoke and signed to me if I could please stop. She was deaf and my busy hands were making her crazy. I can only imagine seeing my hands fly out of the corner of her eye was like sitting next to a chatty, energetic, toddler that you can't understand to save yourself. I read a book the remainder of the flight.

  • Anita

    Many years ago, too many to want to mention, I started knitting while attending lectures in college. I found having my hands busy on a semi-automatic process helped me to really listen to what the lecturer was saying. Otherwise, what was said would get my mind wandering off on some weird tangent, and I'd not hear what was said. This carried forward to meetings at work (when I wasn't conducting them, of course), and now that I'm retired, to my quilt guild meetings. Unfortunately, this year I'm President of one of my guilds, which has greatly reduced my meeting knitting. Wonder why? lol

  • Mikah

    I've crocheted while standing and cheering at a triathalon and while watching a rodeo. Those are the two that stick out to me.

  • Karen Lauerman Beidelman

    I crocheted in Men's Warehouse while hubby was being fitted for a suit, just walked around crocheting hats for the homeless and had my supplies in my purse (worn cross-body).

  • JennD

    I don't knit, I crochet, but I made my best friends wedding shawl entirely while eating breakfast at McDonald's before work. Worked on it for a month. I hadn't entirely finished the day of so I sat, hilariously enough unintentionally, in a different McDonald's hooking away and weaving in ends. I don't even like McDonald's.

  • Karen

    While I have crocheted in deer stand (no cell
    coverage, so what else to do?), the weirdest place for me was on the
    treadmill. Several cowls that I made last year during my training for the
    AVON 39 walk had repetitive patterns. I did my warm up and had a few rows
    done before it was time to pick up the pace.
    I kept the skein and hook in the water holder, the work-in-progress
    draped over the hand rail, the water in the hand-weight holder, and the TV or
    music on loud!

  • Sharon Hagford

    I crocheted a table cloth while sitting by a bonfire while I was on a camping trip. It took first place at my State Fair that year.

  • Donna N

    My daughter's high school volleyball tournament. She was in the huddle when she noticed. She shook her head at me, but she thought it was funny.

  • Kit

    I have not yet knit in either of these situations but the two weirdest places I have dreamed of knitting are on horseback and on a float in a swimming pool. I can even imagine knitting while treading water, just for the challenge of it. I knew a six year old who had learned to knit a few years ago who probably would have enjoyed knitting in all sorts of odd places, like while being pushed in a wheelbarrow or riding on a dog sled, and it is much easier to get a child into all sorts of unusual settings. I am surprised noone mentioned knitting in a tree house, on a step ladder, in a tree, in a cave, on an oil rig, on a school bus, in a dog house, in a fort (a kids' fort made of a sheet over a card table, or an historic site, or a current military installation), in a sleeping bag (I have done this), in a tent (I have done this), on a swing, on a tricycle (adult, or child, or motorized but not moving). I knit during law school classes, with instructor permission - only one instructor said no, and only because he found it too distracting. I knit during church with the minister's blessing - both as a charitable activity and as a form of meditation. I knit standing in line, sitting and waiting almost anywhere, on almost any form of transportation that someone else is steering stopping and starting, lying on my back, sometimes only a quick couple of stitches, other times for hours at a stretch. My goats and my dogs enjoy watching me knit, but I am not sure why, except that my current dog likes to borrow my yarn to play with if I am not careful where I lay it down. One of my previous dogs took one skein that he played with over and over but left the rest of it alone, but the current dog does not yet have a skein I have been willing to let him keep, so we are still negotiating this. I know a yarn shop that sponsors trips to baseball games every year where a whole section of the stands is full of knitting fans.

  • Mary Lou Zerfoss

    Well, this has to be beyond bizarre. About 1 year ago, through an interuterine biopsy, I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia without atypia. After a 3 month cycle of oral medications, I underwent a second biopsy. The first one was painful, but the doctor anticipated that the second one would be more difficult if the meds had done their job of thinning the uterine wall. Since he knows that I crochet, he asked me if that would be a distraction and a focal point. I felt that it would be, so he suggested that I crochet during the biopsy. So, there I was in the gyno office having my biopsy without anesthetics, and each time that I would start to gasp in pain, he would say "keep stitching, knit one pearl two". Bizarre yes, but we got through it. The best news: negative biopsy, no more problems! That afghan turned out great. Keep hooking ladies!