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We Love Craft Fairs

WashclothsA craft fair is an amazing way to connect to other crafters. Not only do you get to support the local economy, but you get the chance to bond with fellow crafters and artisans. Here at Lion Brand, we really enjoy both visiting and sponsoring local events. The Lion Brand Yarn Studio recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the Handmade Cavalcade, an independent craft fair held here in New York City. We also sponsor Maker Faire, a celebration of all things handmade.

Are you looking to get involved in craft fairs? Here are a few tips for selling your items:

  • Start locally. Your local craft fair is the perfect place to start drumming up interest in your handmade goods. A smaller fair makes a great introduction to selling your wares. Remember that word of mouth can spread very quickly!
  • Be unique. How are your handmade goods different from others being sold? Decide how to make your items stand out from the crowd.
  • Be prepared. Bring cards with your contact information so that people can follow up with you and make future purchases.
  • Share all care instructions (if applicable). It’s important for your customers to know how to care for their new purchases, so share all washing and drying instructions with them.

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  • I like CRAFT works most if matter concerns to DECORATIONS. I have done many classes of this also and decorate my home with same. Its looks very UNIQUE style.

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