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We Are Serious About Marketing

I snapped this photo of our marketing team (minus me behind the camera) last week.  What are they doing?  Why, assessing retail trends in the seasonal aisle of a craft store, of course!

I wanted you to meet the team and to show that we do love our work, we wear a lot of hats and, while we are serious about marketing, it does take a bit of whimsy to be creative.

This photo deserves a caption.  Any ideas?

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  • My first thought was “Oh look, it’s the Village People!” ….

  • How about “Next Week-Instructions on how to knit these lovely hats!”

  • How do you like them knitting needles?

  • A princess, an elephant, a nurse and a . . . (um, what kind of hat is that last one, anyway?) . . . walk into a craft store . . .

  • Next week, “Knitting with Swords…” (Nurses will be on site during this hands-on demonstration.)

  • We are going need some very specky yarn to knit with these.

  • *singing*,
    “Here we come, to save the daaaaayyyyy!!”

    (remember the theme song to Underdog?)

  • I would call yourselves the “Craft-Invaders!!”


    of course, this one requires a Spartan Pit O’ Doom ™.

  • I recognize Zontee, but who is everyone else? We need names to go with your lovely faces!

    Zontee says: Hi Grace, good point! That’s Lindsey (the princess), PT (the elephant), Jess (the nurse), and myself (I’ve got a Roman soldier helmet on). Now you have faces to go with some of our various bloggers!

  • “Crocheting and Knitting is an Equal Opportunity Craft!”

  • The Nurse Chick and the Elephant Princess look for bargains in their favorite Yarn Shop.


  • Thanks everyone for your incredibly creative captions. We loved them all!

  • How about naming them the “Y” Squad…for the Yarn Squad!

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  • Question. Isn’t “life’s” a one syllable word?

    Zontee says: Hi Roslyn, it is. That’s why “my life’s record kept” is five syllables as per the haiku construction. Perhaps you were confused because you were thinking about the number of words and not the number of syllables.

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