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Was It Nostalgia?

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Was It Nostalgia?

This pattern from our new catalog was an instant sensation.  Many of you who rated this pattern said that yarn-covered hangers bring back great memories of grandmothers or aunts who had these in their homes.  This updated version uses beautiful colors of the Cotton-Ease yarn and received rave reviews. One customer emailed us that she is planning to make 100 of them to create 10 gifts of 10 hangers each for her friends and co-workers.  It seems like this pattern is just so easy and the results so beautiful and practical that it’s more than nostalgia making these popular.  What do you think?

If you have made any of the patterns on our site, please to post a review.  Your pattern reviews help others decide which patterns to make.

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  • I am super excited about you guys posting this pattern! I remember it with the metal hangers. My MIL still has a bunch in her closet that I’m going to sneak and do a makeover for. They make the strongest coat hangers I’ve ever used and I’m so excited that I now know how! THANKS GUYS!!!

  • oh my gosh!

    that was my favorite pattern from the catalog too! i am definitely going to make them!

    great update to a favorite project! i love the colors you chose!

  • This pattern rocks! I’ve been sitting here, mentally going through my stash, to find the perfect combinations. How about self-striping yarn? So many possibilities……

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