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Warm Weather Knitting & Crochet

Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting & Crocheting Barbara Breiter joins us for her monthly column featuring frequently asked questions. 

As warm weather approaches (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), some may find themselves tempted to put away their knitting or crochet for the summer. But this is the season for baseball games, picnics, taking the kids to the park, and flying and driving to vacation destinations. That’s a lot of down time that could be spent crafting!

I don’t care how low the air conditioner’s temperature is set; when warm weather sets in, I don’t want all the bulk of an afghan sitting on my lap as I knit.

But you can still knit/crochet an afghan in strips or blocks, so they won’t be nearly as warm to work on. Then, when falls comes again you can sew them together!

This Knit Patchwork Sampler Throw is a perfect example and has different stitch patterns so you’ll maintain interest. Another made in strips is the Crochet Cozy Checkerboard Throw; it doesn’t have complicated stitch patterns so you won’t need to refer to the pattern very often, which is great when you can’t really concentrate on your crafting.

Small projects stay off your lap and this makes them ideal for warm weather knitting. You can make place mats, potholders, headbands, purses, socks, toys, and so much more.

Image of Ripple Luncheon Mats Image of Knit Potholder Image of Tunisian Crochet Headbands Image of Striped Ribbed Socks
Crochet Ripple Luncheon Mats Knit Potholder Tunisian Crochet Headband Knit Striped Ribbed Socks

You may ordinarily think of hats as something for cold weather…but that frigid wind will be back. Hats make great presents so think ahead to that gift list! Lion Brand has over 600 free knit and crochet hat patterns for men, women, and children. Click here for hat patterns. With that many patterns, there’s a style for everyone in every skill level.

Plus there are over 200 free knit and crochet patterns for purses to choose from! Click here for those patterns. Some are complex, others super easy and perfect for times when you can’t really follow a difficult pattern.

Be sure to check out the Pattern Finder where you can search for patterns by many variables to find the perfect patterns for the summer ahead!

What are your favorite summer projects to knit and crochet? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I knit and crochet prayer shawls for my church’s prayer shawl ministry all year long. I just do it in airconditioning. I also do dish cloths and baby sweaters, bonnets and booties. They’re small and easy to carry in my knitting bag.

  • I always have a bag with a car project which is something quick and simple, in winter a yarn project and in summer thread. Only problem is having to assemble the motifs.

  • I try and get all the winter knitting done, socks, new sweaters. All that sort of stuff, I love sitting in the sun and knitting.

  • Summer Projects:
    Cotton Doilies, Placemats, Table Runners for Christmas gifts
    Pretty cotton Cross Bookmarks for gifts

  • When I have to go to the doctors, baseball games I take my leftover yarn, crochet hook and make granny squares for the many afghans that I make. They are a perfect summer time item to be making

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  • I have been searching for the pattern: Halsey Street Pompom Helmet which featured on a craft site and said it was by Lion. Where can I find this pattern?

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