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Voting is now open! Help Pick our SPRING Knit-Along Project!

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Voting is now open! Help Pick our SPRING Knit-Along Project!

Wondering who the winner is?! Click here …

It’s that time of year again! Come knit-along with us as we make one of the garments below. First, meet your Spring KAL leader, Kristy Glass (who’s wearing the Granny Raglan Pullover, which she mentions in her introduction video below):

:: can’t see the video above? click here: ::

So let’s get started! FIRST you have to help us pick the pattern! Learn more about each of the patterns by clicking on their photos/names below and then come back to cast your vote. They’re all so good, we predict a very tight race!

Votes must be cast by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, March 22nd, 2015. You must use the voting tool below to vote; comments here on the blog do NOT count as votes.

Mitered Shawl Textured Topper Shimmer Nights Slip Stitch Cardigan Glamour Jacket


Ready? Cast your vote!

Voting is now closed. Wondering who the winner is?! Click here …

(Can’t see the voting tool above? Click here to vote.)


This knit-along is a virtual event, where all the participants make the same project together. Follow along with knit-along host Kristy Glass here on the blog and share your comments and photos. There’s no need to sign up, and it’s free to join! (New to knit-alongs? Check out our guide here.)

Remember, the winning pattern will be announced the week of Monday, March 23rd 2015 here on the blog and at that time we’ll also give you details on picking up your supplies and getting started on the project!

Votes must be cast by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, March 22nd, 2015. You must use the voting tool above to vote; comments here on the blog do NOT count as votes.

Crocheters, look out for a crochet-along later this year, here on the Lion Brand Notebook.

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  • The Glamour Jacket is my favorite. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • you’re the best

    • I agree!

  • Yay I have been waiting a long time for this to happen!! Glamour Jacket is my pick.

    • It’s so pretty right? And I think there are a lot of different color combo possibilities too!

  • I love the glamour jacket too. I would love to be able to knit this along with you. I don’t know if I can, but I’m sure willing to try!! Yay for Kristy Glass! So excited to have the chance to work with her!

    • So fun!? Can’t wait.

  • I’m in for whichever one is chosen!! Can’t wait to KAL !!!

    • Yippee! I have been scoping out colors already!

  • The Glamour Jacket is my vote!

    • It is so pretty and there are all sorts of yarn combos!

  • I love the Glamour Jacket! I only wish I knew how to knit. Hopefully soon I will put down my crochet hook and pick up a needle.

    • ALWAYS time to learn!

  • I hate to be, that person, but I really do not like any of the options. I love the Lion Brand knit-along, and was looking forward to participating again. Sadly, I’ll have to sit this one out.

    • Shoot. Sorry Karen! I hope you change your mind—maybe you can picture the project in different colors or with slight alterations? I thought I might like the glamour jacket with short sleeves and a bit cropped? thoughts?

      • Yes, short sleeves and slightly cropped!

    • Oh Karen, good you beat me to it. Now I don’t have to be “that person.” I personally would not wear any of these patterns. I am a f-e-m-a-l-e and I wear feminine things, not boxy, chunky garments. I’ll be sitting this one out with you.

    • I am also out. I was looking forward to this KAL but honestly none of the options would work well for my body type and I don’t really know anyone to gift them to… oh well.

  • I love the Glamour jacket! I also love the mitered shawl but I’m not sure if I would wear it. The Glamour jacket is something I could wear to work, or wherever ๐Ÿ™‚ Where do I subscribe to follow along? I follow Lion Brand on facebook.

    • Just check back here or you can subscribe to the youtube channel to see the accompanying videos.

      I think I might like the mitered pattern for a blanket or table runner? Maybe not to wear…just because I Also don’t wear shawls much. That glamour jacket is so versatile though!

  • Mitered shawl! So pretty.

    • Thanks for your vote!

  • At first I thought the glamour jacket was the #1 but after looking at the pattern and zooming into the picture, I’m concerned that it will be an over loose sloppy result. Therefore, I’m going with the textured topper, which also looks like it has huge potential to be adjusted in length to fit a variety of torso lengths as well as uses. Textured topper for me!

    • I tried on both and the cool thing about the textured topper is it is kimono style! It is SO cozy! I love it.

  • Although the mitered shawl would be more fun to make, I have no use for shawls, but I would totally wear the Glamour Jacket all the time – comments like “did you buy that at Macy’s???” await for the knitter who wears it.

    • YES! Do you ever make things you don’t wear, just because it is a fun challenge or fun yarn? I make things for all sorts of reasons, and I agree with you, I am not a shawl person, but I thin, it would be fulfilling to make.

    • Don’t let the fact that you aren’t interested in wearing shawls stop you from a “fun” project. I knit prayer shawls for a bereavement group of parents who have lost children. I’ve
      made many that are fun to knit although not my style. If you go with the mitered shawl, there is no shortage of grateful groups that would love it.

  • I agree with Karen and don’t really care for any of the selections. All have something going for it but none really cut it entirely. The mitered effect is great but who wears shawls anymore. The textured topper just looks sloppy and not finished. The Slip Stitch cardigan looks wonderful and I guess it would be easy to lengthen the sleeves (not a fan of short sleeves in knitting) but can’t see changing the pattern in a KAL. The Glamour Jacket was pretty great until I saw the back with the tails – that just turned me off. So, like Karen, I check again next time. Thanks

    • Margaret did you see the pic in the Weekly Stitch? I liked the back! That made me like it better….I love that we all have opinions and different things that stand out to us. Sorry this knit along isn’t for you—maybe next time!

  • Why are all of your patterns in dark colors? They all look like winter attire – hats, sweaters, scarves and such. People usually don’t wear these in spring/summer. How about some light, lacy patterns for a change?

    • It’s snowing today so we may be able to wear them after all! Ha! I think last spring was a bit lacier…maybe they are changing it up this year with the nominations! What’s on your needles right now?

  • I agree with some of the others – there are parts I like in each of the patterns but none of the patterns works for me. Will take a look at some other patterns and watch for next time.

    • Thanks for stopping in!

  • I like all of these, but…..I am leaning toward the Textured Topper. It is a classic design and looks to also be very comfortable to wear.

    • SOOOOOPER cozy.

  • I like the jackets and cardigan, but looking at the patterns, none will fit me. I’m a big gal, and the sizes are all too small, so there’s no point in joining the KAL if I can’t make something for me. Besides, I like the mitered shawl. The colors are beautiful and would be fun to work with, and it’s a one size fits all from petite to plus size. That’s a pattern I could really get into knitting — a fun challenge (mitered squares) and bright colors.

    • I tried on the textured topper which was knit as a size small and it was a lot bigger on me than garments I purchase (I wear xs or s). A gal in the studio who usually buys medium and large thought it fit her fine and was also a bit big….so perhaps the largest size would work, but I understand that a shawl might be the way to go! If it doesn’t get voted as the KAL, maybe you could lead a sub group of shawlers! –you can comment your progress here! hee hee

      • Yes, it might fit, since it looks like it runs big, but I don’t like the look of it. It’s not something I would wear. I’m not sure any of the patterns above are something I would wear, even if the size were right, but I love the colors in the shawl.

  • I definitely love the Glamour Jacket! The others didn’t really interest me. I need something a little bit dressier. The shape looks very figure flattering, too!

    • I love knitting with Vanna’s Glamour so if that wins I will be happy.

  • I cast my vote for the Textured Topper. It looks so cozy and kinda Zen.

    • Zen is the perfect description for the textured topper.

  • I voted for the Glamour Jacket before I saw the back. I don’t like the tails and none of the other choices
    appealed to me so I will pass this time.

    • Darn. I’m sorry that turned you off! I thought the back was fun! Next time.

    • Totally agree with you! Wish there was a way to modify the pattern to make the jacket edge straight across the back

  • The knitting challenge of the Glamour Jacket would be interesting, but the one I would wear the most is the Textured Topper. I might play with the sleeve length and body length, but the overall look is fun and casual.

    • Did you see the pic of me wearing it in Weekly Stitch? I love the kimono-esque sleeves!

  • Got to be the textured topper!! It looks so snuggly!

    • It is PRETTY dreamy!

  • I bought the yarn and downloaded the pattern for the Textured Topper several years ago. If it is the KAL chosen I’d be thrilled to finally make it, enjoying the process with others.

    • Oh good! I LOVE that one. What colors did you choose?

  • I don’t care at all for the other 3 but I am in love with the Glamour Jacket!!
    Does anyone know if it would be difficult to make it straight across in the back like it is in the front?
    I think that I’d like that better and I’ve seen that several other commenters seem to feel the same way- wanting to get rid of the tails.

    • It is funny b/c the tails and back is what made me choose that!

    • If this pattern wins, I will look into an alternate pattern for bottom ok? I agree with KNITTING FIEND, I LIKE the back!

  • Hello!?!.. GLAMOUR JACKET!

  • I too, would choose the Glamour Jacket, but don’t like the “V” shape in the back. Would vote for it if there was a modification to create a straight back bottom edge (like the front).

    • If it wins, I will investigate that, sound good?

      • Kristy Glass – thank you! I’ll knit along with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Mitered Shawl got my vote! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love the colorways on that shawl! Thanks for voting!

  • Love the swallowtail on the Glamour Jacket!
    I want to play psychic: Since Kristy was all up about stash-busting in the video, I predict she wants the Mitred Shawl. (my 2nd choice!)

    • I am QUITE a stash buster, but I didn’t vote for that! And I want to change my vote now that I have tried them all on! Good thing it’s a vote and I am not deciding!!!!

  • So, it looks like my fave isn’t even mentioned in this discussion at all! The Shimmer Nights Slip Stitch cardigan has pockets and everything!!! Of course I would make it with long sleeves (easy peasey to do) because my arms would be cold! Short sleeves on a knit garment for me is like my body is ready for cooler weather and my arms are ready for warmer weather ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I LOVE the pockets SO MUCH AND THE BORDER is nice too–and the sparkle of course!

  • Love the glamour jacket, that’s my vote!

    • What colors would you do if it wins?

      • I’d do a heather color of either browns like in pic or blues like denim colors or grays or greens.

  • I was drawn to the Glamor jacket, but as others have stated, after looking at the construction a bit closer I realized that it would probably look wonky after wearing it for awhile. Soooo, the textured kimono style jacket seems the MOST versatile and might just become a fav. Think about it, you can wear a turtleneck under it, a light long sleeved shirt, a tank top, or … How good is that? And now, drum roll please, to pick out the yarn and colors!!!

    • I know I agree—the color possibilities for that one blows my mind a little!

  • I’d love to join….not too sure how this works tho….

    • Hey Sharon, we’re going to make an announcement today, so stay close! — Danielle

  • The Mitered Shawl looks fabulous when I zoom in on the stitches. I’ll be making this one for my prayer shawl group whether it wins the contest or not.

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