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Vote on a Project for the Crochet-Along!

The Tree of Life Afghan Knit-Along was such a hit that we’re planning a crochet-along in August. Help us choose the project for this crochet-along by taking our quick and easy survey and telling us which of the following designs YOU want to make with us!

[Click here to take the survey.]

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  • I don’t care for any of the patterns suggested for the CAL. The afghan made in fishermans yarn looks too boring. I have NO use for a table runner and the zen spiral looks to hot to attempt until February here in Texas…

    Couldn’t someone suggest something more interesting?

  • It was hard to choose. The table runner is GORGEOUS! A real special treat for the table, but it doesn’t look like an EASY project to me. I agree w/ the previous comment; the fisherman’s afghan is boring. I think that the zen spiral is both useful and stylish and the colors are soothing. I think of the 3 projects, it’s the most accessible one.

  • I like the zen spiral. I might modify the pattern to 2 strands at the same time and with a larger hook, but fewer rounds and make it like an area rug. The colors are gorgeous!

  • I’m not a huge fan of the project choices either. The table runner looks like a challenge, but I don’t really have a use for one at the moment. Although a Crochet-a-long is a wonderful idea!

  • I Have taught myself the basic stitches for crocheting but need to learn how to read a pattern. I love the fisherman’s knit project beacause for those of us who know the stiches but need to know how to interpret directions, it would be easier. For example, I have encountered the directions for turning a row and if I follow the directions carefully, I always end up with a hole. Sometimes I think that I need to count the stitch on my needle as the 1st stitch, then increase from there. But the pattern I used did not explain that. I am a knitter and I use your patterns all the time.

  • Not 100% nuts about any of them. But because I wanted to a Crochet A Long I choose the Fisherman’s afghan.
    No need for a table runner as my kitchen table is a catch all right now, the Zen inspired afghan would not make me feel calm.
    The fisherman afghan needs a variety of patterned squares.
    What about a felted purse, a scarf similar to the traveling scarf that Michelle Edwards has done –

  • The Crochet-Along is a great idea, but I wouldn’t use any of these patterns. I’ve always wanted to crochet a fisherman sampler and I have a lovely pattern featuring squares that are ALL completely different. This makes it a true sampler.

  • I like the Zen afghan although I might want to change the color palette more to the lavendar/purple shades

  • I believe that the table runner is great! The different designs make it more fun to do it than the other two projects! also, putting it together may be a challenge too.

  • I like the fisherman afghan. If it had more variety of squares that would be nice. But I’ve always wanted to do one and maybe this one would be a good first one to make and then venture into a more comlex one.

  • Although I like the concept of crochet alongs and knit alongs, I don’t believe these patterns (other than the table runner and it is purely Art, not something useful) are appropriate to the season. What about something “Green” like market totes with matching/coordination produce bags? These smaller, lighter projects are more appropriate to the hot August and September seasons many of us experience.

  • Sampler. I’d vote for more variety in the blocks.
    More stitches & patterns to learn. Also I need help in joining squares neatly.
    Does anyone know how to convert to finer thread/smaller hook? This would be neat to do for a dollhouse.

  • When will we know what pattern was chosen/ when will we start?

  • Ilana says: Our crochet along leader is swatching and choosing yarns now. We have some exciting ideas to spice up this event. Stay tuned and watch for a special email (make sure you are on our e-newsletter list) announcing the kick-off. We expect it will be within a week or so.


  • I also would like more “samples” in the Fisherman’s Sampler. Not much use for a table runner. It would just get lost on my coffee table, and look like it was part of my UFO’s(unfinished projects). The Zen is too uneven. It makes my inner “all things must be even” Chi not well with the universe 🙂

  • I also don’t like the 3 choices…and the survey didn’t let you say so…
    The runner is impracticle, the afgan sqares look boring and the round thing looks like a rug. I’m looking for something that can be given as a gift or be sold at a Holiday Fair, otherwise it is a waste of time. However, love your idea of a crochet along.

  • I can’t wait until the crochet along. I like the Zen Spiral Afghan. It’s very unique, and I can’t wait until you kick it off.

  • I like the idea of the fisherman sampler with all different squares also, that would be fun!

  • […] Brand crochet-along we gave you the opportunity to vote for one of three patterns. You’ve chosen the Crochet Sampler Afghan (click the name for the pattern), so it’s time to grab our hooks […]

  • Hi, my name is Joy. I have completed many crocheted projects and enjoy both crochet and knitting. I look forward to joining all of you with this project as soon as I choose my wool.

  • I am really excited about the Crochet Along. I wanted to do the Knit Along but I am just a novice knitter. I have been crocheting for about 30 years so I should be able to manage this one. I, too, have usually kept to the smaller projects. It didn’t matter how complicated as long as it was small! Excessive repetition and I don’t do well together. I am trying for the challenge of actually completing a large afghan. I have always wanted to – but it was always that repetition thing!
    I want to thank the crochet along leader for the effort it took to put this together and try to please hundreds of people. Thanks!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for voting! Don’t forget to check out Cecily’s first post on the crochet-along and get started with us!


  • I agree for the most part on 2 and 3, but I think the fisherman can be modified to include some color, keep the brown/beige tone and maybe make a few in different types like veriegated or fiesta etc. then I might be more pleasing to the eye.
    Isn’t the idea to make it so everyone can make it, so it seems to me the simpler the better.
    Besides Correctme if i am wrong this is my first time, but different people will be dding squares? then we would have to worry about matching beige tones?

  • I think the sampler will be something I can do while I am at my son’s football practice/games this Fall. The squares and manageable and although I LOVE my son, football is not my thing and I hate to watch all those little guys generally missing their passes for 2 hours twice a week. With the squares, I can watch and crochet at the same time. I’m going to get my yarn soon. I think since the pattern is so basic, I can create intest using colors and textures. Happy crocheting!

  • Hi, I just received your email and found out about the crochet along. I have been crocheting for over 40 years and was self taught by my mom. I do not understand for such simple squares you have it as intermediate and whats up using a P hook? Which is so large? You also have a Fisherman Sample throw with 4 other squares which look promising so I will do those first. I am using fall colors (beige, brown, tan etc). Cindy

  • Just found out about the crochet along. I like the fisherman’s afgan that was chosen. I will be changing colors, though. When are we starting? I will have to buy all new yarn for it. And a “P” hook.

  • As it turns out, I’ve been working on the Crochet Sampler Afghan since the beginning of August. I’m making it as a wedding gift. I’m using the Pound of Love yarn and making the blocks 7×9 instead of 8×10 (only because that’s how my gauge worked out using the pattern’s recommended stitches). At any rate, the blanket is moving along very quickly and I’m enjoying it. BUT block #1 is making me crazy. I don’t know how much to stretch it to get to the 9 inches or if I should stretch it at all. Also, I’m wondering how the blanket would look if I crochet a single crochet around all the edges of each block before sewing together. It would make sewing easier but I don’t know if it would change the look. Any comments?

  • I have never made an afgan with squares of different stitches. I don’t usually go by the gauge with blankets because the end result didn’t need to be precise. I will be learning that this time around.
    I would enjoy something like a ripple.
    I am happy to join…can you suggest other types of yarn to use – wool will not be possible for allergies.

  • I have to agree. The afghan needs some color but the table runner has too much. It makes me feel like the table is cluttered or something, but the zen afghan is very cool. I would like to try and make it.

  • Let’s get started!!! I’m going to give this afghan to someone for Christmas. One Christmas present almost done. Hey!

    Happy Crocheting!! This will be fun to do with everyone!! I will try to do a square a day.

    P.S. I love Lion Brand!!

  • I’m looking forward to this “challenge”. I have a hard time finishing projects, I have too many things I want to do. Kinda like my eyes are two big for my stomach. I think that working along with someone will be fun and helpful. Tomorrow I am going to pick out some yarn.

    Can’t wait to get started.

  • Hi Fellow Crocheters,

    I learned to crochet 40 years ago from my dear mother-in-law. I have made many projects over the years. I crochet and sew afghans and blankets for the Binkie Patrol charity along with lots of family and baby gifts including scarfs and hats. Can’t say I’m crazy about squares and actually just finished an afghan for my daughter that I started when she married 17 years ago. I had all the squares done several years ago but couldn’t make myself assemble it! She was very pleased to finally receive it even though her colors have completed changed since I started it!
    I have always wanted to make a fisherman afghan and have just the stash to do it. Happy crocheting!

  • I definitely would have benefited from the other two choices for the crochet-along.

  • Sure I will try it. I’ve never been involved in anything lie this. Is this just something that we attempt together. When are we supposed to begin. I have been crocheting since a teen. Taught by my grandmother.

  • I will try it as soon as yarn arrives. This is going to be fun, working with everyone. I have never made an afghan, looking forward to it.

  • O.K. I’m in. I would like to try different colors, perhaps, a different yarn-would like suggestions

  • Spiral = Rug
    Table Runner = favors an unfinished look
    Fisherman’s Sampler = Best choice for me

    I like the idea of a crochet along… count me in!

  • This sounds interesting. I love crocheting and am trying to get back into it. My grandkids want hats made and I think this would also be interesting. I have been crocheting since I was 8 and my grandmother taught me. I am lefthanded but was taught righthanded. Thought that might be interesting. I am a grandmother from California and looking forward to working this project.

  • I also am left handed but I just reverse the directions in my head and go for it. Being self taught it didn’t occur to me that there is a left or right to it. It is just crochet! Anyway the Fisherman’s Sampler will give me new stitches to learn and the encouragement of a group learning the same. It should be fun. And I am happy with the choice.

  • My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was five years old. I have been crocheting off and on during different periods of my life for 40+ years. I have never done a fisherman afghan and have always wanted to.
    I have worked very little with wool. I am sure it’s going to be itchy along the way.
    I am going to use a smaller hook. I have not purchased any yarn yet and haven’t decided whether to use the traditional natural color or add some tan and brown as well.

    For future CAL’s I would like to see a granny square project and a ripple.

    Another idea might be to have 3 projects going in one CAL. One beginning, one intermediate and one advanced.

    I love the Lion Brand web-site and think the CAL is a great idea.

  • My blocks do not seem to be even. There are a lot more rows in block one then in blocks 2 and 3. Is this the way it is supposed to be. Someone explain. Maybe I am not seeing the big picture.


  • I am using Vanna’s yarn. I have been wanting to try it and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I had to use size N needle to get the correcct gauge. So far I have completed block 1 and have finished five of block 2.

  • I’m trying to get back in to crocheting, so this will be a big help and lots of practice!
    I’m sure I already have plenty of yarn in my stash…why do knitters/ crocheters have this obsession???
    Now to dig in the stash for just the right combination…..


  • I learned to crochet 45 yrs ago. I adore working with fibers. I like doing group projects and solitary projects. I am doing a knit along, stitch along and now a crochet along. Some computors are wonderful. I work 12-8am and have rotating days off so without the computor it would be next to impossible to talk and work together. Thank you. Next time could we do something a little more complicated?

  • I did not see this until after the vote was done, but….

    I’m SOOOOO glad that the sampler was chosen! I know people are complaining about it being boring, but I’m sorry, the other two are kind of UGLY! LOL…

    Also, this project leaves more room for tinkering to make it our own with different block options, sizes and gauges, color schemes, etc.

    I am doing mine with one strand of an almond color and one strand of a sea blue color held together, and it’s making it come out thick, quick, and HUGE, and just beautiful!

    To the naysayers, if this is not challenging enough for you, challenge yourself by designing and submitting some alternate block patterns like some have done. It’s super fun, it’s challenging, and it gives you a chance to contribute to the group!

    Someone asked me if I work for Lion Brand Yarn or something, and why was I helping so much… Um, thanks! Lion Brand, need anyone else on your team? 😉

    Charlotte B.
    Bird Mommy, Math Tutor, and Crochet Lover

  • I am almost done.. I think that by the end of the weekend I should be finished.. I like that the blocks work up Fast. although I usually like a pattern that makes me think a little more, I have been enjoying this project.
    I think it was a good choice for all the “on the go-er’s”.. hehehe.. I have 2 small Boys,(that like to help) So its a good project for that few minutes of ME time that I get throughout the Day!

  • I vote for the table runner. I would turn it into a wall hanging.
    2nd would be the zen rug.

  • It helps me when I see the projects up close as I can see how the stitches look. I seem to always crochet or knit too tight no matter what size of hook I use. I think that whatever I am making there are not suppose to be gaps, holes etc. I am always looking for a tight weave thinking it will look better.

    I know some patterns do have the gaps because that is the stitch. But when I haven’t done a project before and try to I end up taking it apart 8 times at least.

    I had done that free pattern on the one hour hot pad using 3 strands of sugar & cream. You’d think it was easy for me but nope, I couldn’t get the gauge and when I see a hole/space I would freak out. I’d take it apart and do it again over and over.

    I finally got the gauge but after I done the hot pad it kinda wanted to buckle in the middle. Does anyone have any suggestion that will help me be more comfortable when I am crocheting or knitting?

  • I am not too crazy about the table runner, but love the other two choices. I started making squares for the afghan and ended up seaming three together, lining them and adding a crocheted handle for a satchel! I will post a picture of one of them on my site There you can see my current project. It is an afghan that is striped on one side, and a rippled effect on the other. I will be giving it to a friend who has just given me a beautiful dining room set! Thanks Elaine :-)..

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