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Vote for the Fall 2011 Knit-Along!

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Vote for the Fall 2011 Knit-Along!

Nothing says September quite like a new sweater, so it’s time for a new knit-along! We want YOU to help us decide on a pattern. Click on any image below to view its accompanying pattern. Submit your vote here by Tuesday, September 20th. Remember, you must submit your vote through SurveyMonkey for it to count!
Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover Raglan Sleeve Topper Textured Topper

We’ll announce the winner here on Wednesday, September 21st. We’re excited to have our friend Kendra hosting once again. We can’t wait to see what the winning garment will be!

New to knit-alongs? Check out our guide to knit/crochet-alongs for some helpful advice. Crocheters, we’ll be having another crochet-along in the coming months, so keep an eye out for an announcement.

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  • I vote for Wisteria, it’s a lovely design!!  I really like that collar.

  • ooooooo I’m torn! I want to knit both the one one the left and the middle one. As long as either of those are chosen, count me in!!

  • I want to vote for the Raglan Sleeve Topper….I think it would work GREAT sitting in my office when I get cold and just need a “snuggle!”

  • I want to vote for the Raglan Sleeve Topper….I think it would work GREAT sitting in my office when I get cold and just need a “snuggle!”

  • Definitely the pull over! I love it!

  • Definitely the pull over! I love it!

  • After reading the reviews for wisteria, I will vote for textured topper.

    • Good idea to read the reviews.  It sounds like a lot of people had difficulty with the Wisteria pattern.  I think i will vote for the Textured topper as well. 

      • But this will be a knit along with Kendra to help guide us through it so why not go for the harder or more complicated design since there will be lots of help from everyone?

    • I agree and vote for the textured topper

      • I made the Textured Topper last winter; it went really fast, I had no problems with the pattern and got a lot of compliments when I wore it. Since I already made it, though, I voted for the Raglan Cardigan, because I’d like to try Amazing and cardigans are better for layering in the warm climate where I live.

  • I would love to work on the textured topper — perhaps longer sleeves???  Let me know!!!

  • Wisteria. I have had this pattern in my wait list for a while.

  • Love the Wisteria… made a couple of sweaters Similar to the collars design and then adapted it to a couple of poncho’s…  I could do this one again gladly…  Here was my adapted version of a poncho for my youngest grand-baby…

    • Very cute!!

  • Would wear theWisteria sweater, so that ‘s my vote

  • Love the Raglan Sleeve Topper! That has my vote.

  • I vote for Wisteria.

  • None of the designs are inspiring, sorry. Was looking forward to the KAL, but won’t be following.

  • My favorite is the Topper.  It’s so go everywhere – love the colors shown.

  • Beautiful!

  • I will remove myself from your mailing list since you never have anything new or interesting on your website. I realize that you cater to women because that’s what sell. But remember there is lots of men (like me) who also knits and buy lots of yarns.

    • Hi Intothewoods, to change your newsletter subscriptions, just go to and click on the orange “My LBY” button to access your account. You should see a “subscriptions” button that will let you review and change your subscriptions.

      Also, here’s a great tip for men looking for sweater patterns on While many of our sweaters are photographed on women, there are many unisex options with chest sizes and straight constructions that are great for men, including the Wisteria pattern above (which could be made in a solid color for a classic shawl collar pullover that’s favored by many male designers including knitwear designer Josh Bennett), the Saturday Morning Hoodie (which was our last knit-along project), and the Inishturk Sweater (which was the knit-along project before that, and which our knit-along host, Heather, made for her husband). Hope that gives you some options to think about, and if you ever need help finding a great men’s pattern, feel free to email us at

  • My vote goes to the Textured Topper.  I like outer garments that don’t necessarily close on front.  This would be a good pattern for me.  

  • I vote for wisteria It is beautiful In color and style. Would look great finished and love the pairin with jeans!

  • I like all of them I guess if I had to pick the middle or bottom ones

  • I vote for Textured Topper. I think I would prefer longer sleeves.

  • Vote for textured topper – and I also would prefer a longer (3/4 length) sleeve

  • My vote is for the Topper ~ that Amazing yarn looks so beautiful and the pattern is not too taxing on someone who works all day and has five kids under the age of 13 to come home to 🙂 Thank God for knitting!

    • I love the Topper, AND the Raglan – but the yarn I plan to use from my stash will work better for the Cardi. so that’s my preference…

  • Love the raglan sleeve sweater…that’s my vote.

  • I’m newly reintroducing myself to knitting again.  I knit quite a few sweater for my girls when they were young.  Then started sewing, then working.  Now they’re in college.  I’m very interested in this project.  I’m going to vote for Wisteria, but will probably try any of the three.  The “amazing” yarn does seem to get positive reviews so I’m also interested in working with it.  Curious to see how this will all shake out 😀

  • I have the yarn and pat for the Modern Lodge Pullover in my stash, just checked both patterns and they are the same! So, I am voting for the Wisteria. Yea!!

  • I just love the raglan sleeve top. It is unique and would stand out. It looks very timeless especially with the yarn colors chosen. Beautiful. I just might have to KAL.

  • Definitely not for every age group!

  • well, I’m 68…

  • I vote for the textured topper.  The raglan sleeve topper has too big collar for me.  Working in an office after many years of working on the floor as a nurse and am having fun with different styles of sweaters

  • I vote for the Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover.  I copied the pattern, thank you.  I love the collar.  I do think the sweater shown is too large for the pretty model.  Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn, as you might notice from the garment’s measurements, the bust measurements are in a larger range because this is a sweater designed with positive ease. That means that it’s meant to be loose. We’ll definitely go over picking the right size for you though during the knit-along, so stay tuned!

  • love the topper but I don’t knit I crochet sorry

    • Hi Sandee, we alternate between knit- & crochet-alongs, so be sure to check in later this season for our next crochet-along.

  • yikes – couldn’t we have something a little more modern and interesting?

  • I vote for Textured Topper – simply because Amazing is hard to work with, very expensive and doesn’t work out to size! Recently used Amazing for a shawl that is so small – even when blocked – that it can be used as a head scarf for a child! Don’t like Amazing. Prefer Vanna’s yarn and the Textured Topper!

    • Hi Jtowner64, thanks for the feedback. Keep in mind that with all knit- and crochet-alongs, we do always offer several alternatives for yarns so that you have lots of options for customization and price-points. Also, if you’re ever having problems with of our patterns, don’t forget that you can email and one of our experts can help you through. Hope that helps!

  • I vote for a crochet pattern.  Can’t you run a crochet-a-long too??

    • Hi Pldrake, we alternate between knit- & crochet-alongs. Like the blog post says above, be sure
      to check in later this season for our next crochet-along!

  • hi I am really hoping for a crochet along project.I have knit for many years and would welcome the help to crochet fashionable clothing…thanyou. Dawn Jacot

    • Hi Dawnellen, we alternate between knit- & crochet-alongs. Like the blog post says above, be sure
      to check in later this season for our next crochet-along!

  • wisteria!!

  • Like all three but the two using Amazing yarn are way too expensive to make. If I was to vote it would be the last one using Vanna’s Choice. I could using some the yarn I have in my stash.

  • I participated in the last KAL, and loved the experience, so can’t wait to start this one, regardless of the pattern chosen.  To those who think the Amazing yarn is expensive, shop around.  JoAnn Fabrics on line is offering it on sale this week for only 4.54 a skien, which makes those projects very reasonable. 

  • I have been looking for a sweater like the Wisteria to knit. So that is my vote. I have not participated in one of the KAL projects so I am excited to do so.

  • Wisteria, this is my first time also!  Hope I make it thru 🙂

  • Raglan Sleeve Topper – It actually has a pattern size for meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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