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Vote for Our Crochet-Along Project!

Summer is the perfect time for making a breezy crochet garment. To celebrate, we're having a crochet-along (a virtual event where we all make the same pattern, with the support of hundreds of other crocheters)! Our friend Kendra, who hosted last year's Beach Cardi CAL, is back to host. Before we get started, we want you to choose the perfect pattern!
Clockwise from top left: Persimmon Pullover, Broomstick Lace Crochet Shell, Mesh Raglan Pullover, Light 'n' Lively Tank

Click here to cast your vote. We'll announce the winning pattern on Thursday, June 30th. We can't wait to get started!

New to our online crochet-alongs? Click here to read our guide to getting started. Remember to check the Lion Brand Notebook on Thursdays for the latest crochet-along posts!

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  • Judith

    I'd vote but the Vote link sends me to a survey site.  Sorry.  Can't do.

  • Tabloidtrisha

    They are all cute. The cutest one, IMO, is the Light n' Lively Tank. I tried to make this once and, well all I can say is it is not intended for those of us who are well endowed up top. Is there anyway to allow for that in the pattern?

  • Pwilsbach

    I Voted for the number one pattern. Hope it's not to hard tomake. Iam a come-back to crocheting.

  • http://twitter.com/shoemail Shoe

    I might like the broomstick lace shell, if it were made with a reasonably priced yarn. Also, using wool for a summer top, well, I'd prefer cotton! So why not pick one of the ones made with cotton? Because I don't like them as much.

  • Bahar

    Number one.  Top left.  Very cute and good for people like me who want to cover their arms. :-D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Ann-Arcadipane/1799594623 Mary Ann Arcadipane

    Made the mesh pullover.  Added about 6 rows to each sleeve to cover the arms and it turned out wonderful.  Only did the neck drawstring and not the bottom edge one and have received lots of compliments.  It is an easy pattern and is true to size

  • Linda vdw

    I like the persimmon pullover!

  • Stlyso86

    i vote number 4, the raglan pullover

  • SunnydazeStyle

    "I might like the broomstick lace shell, if it were made with a
    reasonably priced yarn. Also, using wool for a summer top, well, I'd
    prefer cotton! So why not pick one of the ones made with cotton? Because
    I don't like them as much."

    I agree with Shoe!  Are there any suggestions for less expensive substitute yarns?  Then I'd definitely vote for that one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=837399571 Nicole Ferrara

    I have been dying to try the light & lively tank, the broomstick lace one is out for me, as a lefty anything broomstick never comes out right. I'm also a big girl and with some modifications this could be really cute. I took a look at the flicker pool here http://www.flickr.com/photos/tenille/852343639/ and she had done a really great job with it.

  • Someonesomewherenc

    I vote for number 1 but I really want the pattern for number 3 too... is it posted somewhere? Or will it be?

  • Dana

    Loving the Mesh Raglan top and that is what I voted for...If something else is chosen, I'm going to do the Mesh anyway because it looks super fast and easy to make - and not too hot to wear in the very hot Central CA region!  Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=621540282 Mackena Kristine Lannes

    Oooohhh!! I made the Light n Lively tank a couple of years ago for my sister in camo LOL!! She LOVED it. And BTW - It can be made LONGER to be a cute summer dress or swim suit cover!! LOVED this one!! Would LOVE to make it again!!!! I'm glad to see it featured because I lost the pattern. Yay!!!!

  • Jan >^..^<

    I voted for no. 1 but I want a combo of no.1 and no.3!  I want the top part of no. 1 and the flared skirt of no. 3 (except shortening the top of the top!! ;P)
    I've never done a crochet along before so this will be interesting!
    Hope I remember to check back.  Can the blog send me a reminder e-mail?

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleStarke1 Michelle Starkey

    I think they are all adorable.  I would love to try one but am still VERY new to crochet lol.  I'm still working on my first baby blanket.  I'm very tempted to vote and try it out tho...

  • Janet

    I don't like any of them . . . they are too "open" - I don't want people to see my underwear, and I don't like wearing a shirt under my tops.  And one looks like a maternity top.  I'm sorry, but I don't like these choices.

  • voodikon

    I quite like all of these but I voted for the persimmon pullover. I think I will probably join in if I can get this other CAL I'm working on finished up. Will there be a Ravelry group for this CAL?

  • Donna

    Oh I'm so glad I'll finally be able to participate in one of these.  I had already saved the pattern for the broomstick lace shell but I also like the Persimmon pullover.... heck, I like them all but I voted for the persimmon pullover.  I will be happy with whatever is chosen though.  I think this will be fun!

  • Debra

    Can we copy and save the text of the blog? I'm sure I'm going to work a lot slower than the crochet along will go. I really like the persimon pullover, broomstick tank, and have already purchased yarn for the mesh top. ... and ... yes, I voted ...
    can wait :-)

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