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Vintage Lion Brand

Recently, I visited Tucker's Yarn of Allentown, PA, an old time customer of Lion Brand, with my nephew Evan. Tucker Yarn is a great family business that’s been around since 1949, run by 87 year-old Phil Tucker and his daughter May. Because they’ve been Lion Brand customers for so long, they have a huge collection of our yarns through the ages.

Entering the store was like entering a time-warp back to the 1950s. Throughout the store we found 17 skeins of vintage, now discontinued, Lion Brand yarns, as well as our current yarns. Some of the vintage yarns they had included Charmette, Tic Tac, Finelon, Sayelle Pompadour, Aree, Co-Co, Glitterknit, Jasmine, La Difference, Molaine, Bianca, 100% French Angora, Unique, and Lion Chenille Sensations. They also had vintage Wool-Ease and Jiffy in their old labels.

Evan hadn’t even heard of some of these yarns, despite having grown up in the family business, since many of them were around before he was born!

These yarns came from all over the world, from the U.S. to Italy, Israel, Belgium, France, and Turkey. It is interesting how the yarns are still in great shape, but that you can tell that they’re vintage by the ball bands.

What’s great about knitting and crocheting with these vintage yarns is that it’s like working with a piece of history.