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Video: The Benefits of Knit and Crochet

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Video: The Benefits of Knit and Crochet

Everyone who crafts knows that it is about more than just hats and scarves. In fact, readers often leave comments here on the Lion Brand Notebook about how knitting and crochet make their lives better. See members of the Lion Brand family along with our customers and spokeswoman Vanna White tell why they knit and crochet.

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  • i’d like to start a crochet club here,any ideas?

  • Unfortunately the links are not working properly. “Cannot access page” or “Webpage does not exist” appears on the background. Here is what I love to knit pictured below! That’s the back of the snowboarder hat, not the front. Sorry!

    • Hi there, sorry about that–it sounds like YouTube may have momentarily not been loading, as it does seem to be working now. Please try it again when you have time!

      • Thank you for the info. YouTube can be frustrating sometimes. lol!

  • LB I adore your yarns, I adore your website, I adore so much of what you do. HOWEVER, I have noticed your leadership, at least as pictured in the video, is all male. I understand this is a family business and that the men are relatives, etc. Wondering why there are no women “at the top”? I know women are an essential part of the creative side, but would love to know there are women on the executive side as well. Thanks.

    • Hi there, it happens to be that the family members who wished to join Lion Brand in the 4th generation (those currently at the highest levels of the organization) happened to be men, but David’s daughter Shira (5th generation) is also a member of the Lion Brand team (although not on hand at the time of filming), and you can read more about David’s mother, a member of the 3rd generation that ran the company in this blog post from him:

  • Snowboarder Hats For Everyone Knit

    […] s and scarves. In fact, readers often leave comments here on the Lion Brand Note […]

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