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Video: How to Use Stitch Markers in Knitting & Crochet

Both knitters and crocheters may find stitch markers helpful for many reasons. They can help you...

  • keep track of your stitch count (place them between every stitch repeat in a lace or cable pattern!)
  • mark mistakes that need fixing (split ring markers work best for this)
  • indicate the beginnings of the round on in-the-round projects

Learn more with this short video.

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  • Pat from Rutland

    These stitch markers look as if they would be most useful. I think it beats making your own which I have done for years. Now, how do I get these at Lion Brand? Also how do I get the knitting needles I want? I've knitted for years but I'm still short on some of the sizes. I don't see a list for individual purchases, nor do I see the prices.

  • Arlene

    You can get them at any craft shop that sells knitting supplies or mail order catalog. They come in 3 sizes in a small box, I think there are about 20 in a box. I use them all the time. I keep them on a safety pin because the tiny boxes break. Good luck.

  • Barbara

    I cannot find the size 19 U.S. knitting needles with the 36" length anywhere. Any online suggestions? Thanks

  • leonora

    when I use a stitch marker , it left a hole in my amigurumi , what shall I do?