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Video: How to Do a Chain-Less Foundation Row

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Video: How to Do a Chain-Less Foundation Row

Maggie Weldon is a crochet expert who loves to share her expertise with those wanting to master the art of crochet.

How many times have you carefully counted your chain stitches when starting a crochet project to find that you’ve come up short or have extra? With the Chain-Less Foundation Row, also known as a Foundation Single Crochet, you’ll never have to count chain stitches again! Watch the video below to learn this easy technique:

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  • Wonderfully explained!! Now if I can remember it when I start my next project that starts with a chain!!!!

  • So really what’s the big deal with this vs. doing a chain??

    • A chain cast on has a tightness to it because of the chain and all the stitches that go into it. I should think this type of bind-on would be nice and loose when you need a loose one. Kind of like how in knitting there’s a stretchy bind-on that you need if you’re doing a hat starting on the ribbing.

      • I see, makes sense when thinking of it that way… Thanks

  • I may take up crochet again! Happy about your new partnership with Maggie.

  • thanks so muc! I am going to give this a try

  • Can this be joined in a circle for a hat?

    • yes made fingerless gloves using this technique

      • How do you join to make the circle?

  • Definitely going to try this. So much neater. Thank you.

  • how do you end the row????

    • You just stop working the foundation row, turn your work, and chain one (or more depending on the pattern) and work into the foundation row just like normal stitches.

  • I love this technique! Just could not remember how it was done! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Very nicely explained…and easy to follow. I am fairly new to crochet and am looking forward to more tutorials.

  • This is such a good idea and looks so easy. Also the end result is much neater. I just hope I can remember how to do it on my next project.

  • Great, thank you for sharing. I don’t have to make squares all the time now. Yippie ! ! !

  • I’ve always wanted to learn and hoping that I can do this. I just wouldn’t know what to do after the foundation is done, but exited anyway! 🙂

  • how do you end row and go to next row??

  • What a wonderful solution to a project start! I’ve dreaded the first row of chains since I started crocheting sixty years ago.

  • I wonder….would you be able to do this with a double crochet or even a treble crochet?

    • Yes, only you begin with a yo, then make your chain, then yo and complete your dc. You can Google several videos on doing this stitch in dc or treble.

  • A great idea! I wonder if it works with a double crochet stitch instead of the single?

  • I’ve tried this a few times,but it came out uneven, sort of looking like a wave. Help!!

  • This was really helpful. I’ve been doing a chainless foundation row for a bit now, but it never quite looked right. Now I see clearly that I need to go into both the chain loop AND the one behind it. The size hook and the yarn you are using make that very easy to see. Thank you!

  • This is incredible! And looks very neat and tidy. I avoid long foundation chains like the plague ~ they’re a nightmare (for me) so this is a fantastic alternative. Hope it works equally well with thread projects. Bravo Maggie!

  • Thank you! What a great tip! Making a foundation this way is going to make such a difference in the final shape of the project, especially afghans and other projects that have a long foundation chain! And BONUS!, no twisting!!! Now…to remember what I’ve just learned, when I start a new project!

  • Can this be done with double crochet as well?

  • I think it is wonderful I hate the chain in the start 🙂

  • Thank you so much! I’ve tried to do this from written explanations and just couldn’t get it. This is the clearest, visual explanation of this stitch I’ve ever seen – now I can do it too! Just great!!

  • I can’t wait to try this new way to starting chain row. It looks so much more neater and uniform. The explanation on the video was really great and easy to follow.

  • I have wanted this for 30 years. The hardest part of any new afghan for me has always been the long initial chain row — counting and then having to fight the yarn for an entire row to get the second row done. Love, love, love this. Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for the great video. I have always wanted to know how to do this and the instructions were so easy to follow. I do not always follow patterns when I make blankets I just do whatever stitch design I feel like at the time but my biggest problem is gauging the width because the chain stitch either stretches out or is too tight, so this should solve my problem. Thanks

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  • Hi, I agree this is wonderfully explained and worked great for me the only thing I’m having trouble with is at the end of it when you go to continue the next row it looks uneven so where exactly do you end it to carry on with the chain and turn for the next row? Thanks

  • Great video! Best EVER! Thank you so much! Loving it! Will try on a scarf, which I’ve been putting off because of the hassle of the regular chain.

  • Very well done. I had viewed a different tutorial (not video) online and it was pictured incorrectly. Now, I’ve got it! Thank you for a job well done!

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