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Video: A Family-Owned Company Looks Back at 135 Years in Business

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Video: A Family-Owned Company Looks Back at 135 Years in Business

Lion Brand is an 135-year-old American brand that’s still owned and operated by the Blumenthal family! Six generations of the family have been involved in every aspect of the company from the corporate offices, to being the baby models on the yarn labels, to working at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Join the Blumenthals as they recount some of their favorite memories of Lion Brand throughout the years.

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What are some of your favorite memories of Lion Brand from your life? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  • Lion Brand was one of the first companies to post free patterns online. When I resumed knitting after a hiatus, I didn’t have a lot of extra money. I loved those patterns and bought the recommended yarn when I could, thankful I didn’t have to pay for a whole book to get the one pattern I wanted. A few years ago, LB switched to all-free online patterns, also a great thing. A few months ago, early subscribers to the e-newsletter were given a 40-percent discount, and I was able to buy all the yarn for a project at one time, instead of in bits and pieces with coupons. I like the way LB’s promotions are good for the company and good for the customer. That’s the way business should work.

  • They’re all men!

  • I love this company, they have created a fiber for everyone, I love the free patterns because I have all these styles to choose from and don’t have to spend so much time going through books and magazines.

    The wash ability of the different yarns is appreciated. I know how they will respond.

    I had no idea of Lion Brand’s legacy. How wonderful for all of you.

  • I come from a family business from 1899 that didn’t make it (a dairy in Staten Island, NY) so I can appreciate the hard work that it takes to survive in these times. You have been able to cement a wonderful brand name and hopefully a legacy for your (and our) future. Happy Anniversary!

  • I like that despite the fact that this company has grown exponentially, they continue to value their family, their traditions and their customers. Best wishes for many more anniversaries and many more generations contributing to your business.

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