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Vanna White's Surprise at the DMV

This is a guest post from Vanna White.

I imagine that most people think my everyday life is glamorous because I’m on TV six days a week wearing beautiful gowns.  But the fact is that my days are typically devoted to my two teenage children and doing errands like shopping for yarn (yes, I like to buy it in the stores) at my local craft store. Here is a story from a typical day last week.

I took my daughter, Gigi, to the DMV to take her drivers test.  As I was waiting for her to pass I walked by a lady crocheting.  She recognized me and came up to me and asked me to sign the label on the ball of yarn she was working with.  I was thrilled to see that it was a ball of Vanna’s Choice!! She was so excited! Not only did that incident make my day, my daughter passed her exam too! Yeah!

Vanna and Gigi

Vanna White and her daughter, Gigi

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