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Vanna White: Strengthening Bonds Through Crafting

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Vanna White: Strengthening Bonds Through Crafting

Everyone remembers who taught them to knit or crochet. Whether or not you choose to pursue the craft, the moment shared lasts a lifetime. Vanna White recalls learning how to crochet from her grandmother when she was 5 years old. She put down hook and yarn for several years, but came back to it later as a way to relax.

Vanna has since passed her love of crochet to her daughter, Giovanna. They often appear together in photo shoots for Vanna’s yarn line. Giovanna has also acted as model for Lion Brand designs in the Craft and Hobby Association conventions.

In a busy world, taking the time out for crafting as a family is important. Elmer’s products teamed up with psychologists to examine the lifelong benefits of parent/child craft time. Needless to say, it was all good! However, most yarn crafters are probably already aware of the positive impacts without turning to this study. Vanna White is. In a book from Leisure Arts, Vanna mentions how she raised her daughter surrounded by yarn. Giovanna then crocheted her first afghan at the age of 10. The pair continue to share their love of crochet and yarn creating lasting bonds with each stitch.

Happy Mother’s Day Vanna White and all the other crafting moms out there.

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