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Vanna White Talks Yarn on Wheel of Fortune

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Vanna White Talks Yarn on Wheel of Fortune

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White talked a bit about her signature lines of yarn and the money they generate for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Watch the clip below:

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A contestant on the show had mentioned that she was a user of Vanna’s yarns. Because of this, at the end of the show White explained the charitable part of her partnership with Lion Brand.

Vanna White and Lion Brand


White has been a fixture of television since she joined Wheel of Fortune in 1982, seven years after the show’s 1975 debut. As an avid crocheter, she teamed up with Lion Brand to create her line of yarns. Vanna’s Choice®, now one of our most popular yarns, will be celebrating its tenth birthday this year.

In 2013, we hit a major a milestone by reaching $1 million in donations to help fight childhood cancers. Today, we’ve passed $1.7 million in donations through our Vanna White Collection since 2007, and we intend to keep right on going!

The collection isn’t just Vanna’s Choice® — it also includes Vanna’s Style, Vanna’s Complement, Vanna’s Glamour®, Vanna’s Tapestry, and Vanna’s Choice® Baby. Proceeds from every one of those yarns benefit St. Jude’s. That means no matter which one is your favorite, you’re doing something good for kids.

We have hundreds of patterns available for the Vanna collection, too. Whether you knit, crochet, or weave, it doesn’t matter. We have patterns for any skill level, from beginner to expert, also. Make something classic or trendy, big or small, whatever you want! We’ve got something for everyone, so check out the list of patterns and find something to make while you give back to St. Jude’s. There’s nothing better than helping children while making something nice!

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  • I was inspired. Just sent them a check. Every little bit helps.

  • This is wonderful! Thanks to Vanna White and Lion’s Brand Yarn for helping children and families at St. Jude’s.

  • St. Jude is my charity of choice. Recently signed up to make a monthly donation that will help those precious children affected with cancer. Both you and LionBrand are certainly doing your share in the fight against this deadly disease. Bless you for your generousity. Vanna’s choice yarn is my personal favorite.

  • Yes we do!

    • That’s good news because I buy Lion Brand yarn quite often and one of my upcoming projects suggests Vanna’s.

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