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Using the StitchFinder

StitchFinder: Simple Eyelet Diamond

Each week, we feature a "stitch of the week" in our e-newsletter. So far we've featured basic knit stitches, knit cable stitches, crochet blocks, and crochet stitches. You can find all of these featured stitches and more in the StitchFinder.

Note: Each of these patterns can be used with any yarn that you like. The photos just show an example of what it might turn out to look like, but any yarn and any hook or needles that you'd like to use with that yarn (try the recommended hook or needle size, and go up or down depending on how it feels to you) will be fine.

So you looked through the StitchFinder and you've found a stitch that you like. Now what?

Try it out! You could make a few samples of different stitches to put on your inspiration board. You could even use them as coasters. You could take four cotton samples and seam them together to create a washcloth. Sew a few samples together in a row and create a scarf.

If you're feeling a little braver, use them to create scarves or afghans in one continuous piece. First determine the width you'd like your project to be. Then determine your gauge, using your selected yarn and hook/needle size. Stitches per inch x desired width=number of chains/number to cast on. Just remember to begin with the correct stitch multiple (which may cause you to have to readjust your desired width slightly).

If you're more advanced, incorporate the stitch patterns into a project. Take that stitch you like to embellish a plain afghan or to make a border on a jacket. You could also use the stitch pattern in a pattern for a scarf or an afghan you already have that uses, for example, plain single crochet or straight garter stitch.

Consider this new stitch pattern to be a great addition to your store of knitting or crocheting skills. There's no limit to what you could do with these patterns.

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