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Two of Wands conjures a truly Tasseltastic Wrap!

Prepare to be spellbound by this truly TASSELTASTIC wrap by the magical Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands. From brilliant, eye catching designs to deep, detailed photography that you can almost feel, Two of Wands has become a true beacon of knitting sorcery in Gotham.

These days, any New Yorker will tell you that It. Is. Hot. And because it’s hot, us Big Applegonians (the official way to refer to a New Yorker, by the way!) are seeking the shelter of air conditioning wherever we go.

So whether you’re at your local coffee shop picking up a cold brew, cozying up with a book at your (ideally ghost free) local library, or just soaking up the AC at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, Two of Wands’ coffee shop wrap has got you covered. “The cooling cotton won’t overheat you but the enveloping size and triangle shape is the perfect light layer for an air conditioned space,” says Alexi. For two different looks, try wearing it draped over your shoulders or wrapped like a scarf in front!

Those of you at the beginning of your knitting journey who are eager to wear something truly stunning; fear not! This is an easy level knitting pattern, although the design has marvelous movement and visual action.

Of course, you’ll want to knit it up in stylish 24/7 Cotton for the ultimate in coolness of all kinds. After you nab your yarn, grab the pattern (available for free at Ravelry), and get knitting!

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