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Turning Industrial Yarn Spools Into Light Fixtures

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Turning Industrial Yarn Spools Into Light Fixtures

I think that one of the fun things that happens when you work in the yarn industry is that you start developing a real affinity for vintage yarn-related tools and machines, and when you see them, you get excited. Two years ago, Jack and I were up at the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire (a show we will be again attending in July!), and one of the coolest parts of that trip was all of the vintage knitting and yarn machines found in restaurants, stores, and hotels as decorative items.

It’s always amazing to me to see how people use these old tools in new ways, so while I was browsing one of my favorite eco-design blogs, I was happy to see these yarn spools, used for dyeing yarns, recycled into lighting fixtures!

Designed by Italian company, Re+, they reuse these yarn spools (which are made of 100% recyclable plastic) as the light’s casing and come with LED bulbs that last 40,000 hours! How cool is that!

Via Inhabitat.

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  • Totally cool! At first glance I thought they were the old fashioned hair rollers from my bathroom stash — not that anyone under 30 knows what those are.

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  • @Liz… I’m under 30 and I know exactly what you mean 😀 My mom and I used the green ones. What a cool little project. It would be just the thing I use in my ”craft cave” to hang over my notions area, or my magnetic board. <3

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